100 to 200 euros for heating, the French involved

This Thursday, Sept. Gabriel AttalMinister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts indicated that homes are heated with oil or wood could benefit from a assistance. In particular, this can amount to 200 euros and the government has just communicated its payment date. It comes from an envelope of 230 million euros intended for households who have forgotten about the tariff shield voted in parliament this summer. 1.6 million households are concerned.

This Saturday, October 8, the government issued the Terms of payment of the fuel oil energy control. According to a press release from Bercy, it will be distributed from next November 8. The amount is calculated according to the household income and the number of persons in the household. If almost 3 million households in France have an oil-fired boiler, only slightly more than half are eligible for this support.

An energy check for households that heat with fuel oil

“We are also aware of the difficulties of the French, often one of the most precarious, heated not with gas or electricity, but with oil or wood. Parliament voted this summer a €230 million envelope intended to help those who are currently filling their tanks. », said Elisabeth Borne in mid-September. The Assembly voted with the alliance of the opposition Nupes, LR and RN on the LR amendment proposing EUR 230 million in aid. The government, for its part, defended a measure limited to: 50 million euros.

The payment of the support differs per household. l’sending is automatic for those who have already used an energy check in the past to pay a fuel bill. Other eligible persons must submit their online applicationfrom November 8 on the special websitetold Gabriel Attal in an interview for West France. The check will be distributed the following month. ” All you need to do is send a fuel bill to receive the aid,” he said to our colleagues.

A simulator to check your eligibility

For their . to check Eligibility Conditionsdo the French have the option to simulator. For example, a single person with minimum wage with at least one child 200 euros. A single person, with minimum wage, without children, gets, 100 euro. A single woman with two children, who earns about 3,000 euros net per month, receives 100 euros.

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Support that can be combined with other energy vouchers

This one check can be combined with the usual energy check. ” The households involved do not have to wait for this energy check to be sent to fill their fuel tank. Bercy said. Eligible households who have already filled their fuel tanks by the time they receive the check will not lose the aid.” With this fuel aid, which takes the form of an energy check, it is indeed possible to pay for all types of invoices of energy. (Gas, electricity, fuel oil, wood pellets, etc.), Bercy added in his press release.

This help is coming in addition to the usual energy check sent to 6 million households in the spring. An exceptional energy check at the end of the year is also sent to 40% of households. As for help for fuels, these go until the end of October. The discount provided by the State is currently 30 cents per liter and 20 cents per liter at TotalEnergies.