“An effective method would be for everyone to transfer all their assets to solidarity banks, with no financial return”

ll we need to reduce our production of CO . Reduce2 and other greenhouse gases. There are many ways, solutions, but they are often embryonic. Why ?

We have been immersed in the discourse of capital, production and consumption for a century. The state also seems dependent on growth : If production falls, tax revenues will fall, thus limiting hospital resources or renewables. Economic analyzes give the impression that everything must be taken as a whole: either financialized capitalism as it is, or a return to nature with a remarkable loss of comfort (the amish pattern »as Emmanuel Macron said).

However, in terms of economic model, the village plumber’s service has nothing to do with the production of a smartphone in China. People stay put, do little publicity, meet a need; the other goes around the world, is based on advertising and responds not really to a need but to a desire.

The red flag of unemployment

To combat the greenhouse effect, it is possible to evolve – no non-recyclable products, no food transport over long distances, few plane flights, little meat – but also to improve the existing: for example, insulating your house.

But there is a “but”: if we choose this direction, advertising professionals, carriers and others will be waving the red flag of unemployment and lower growth…

What leads to the exacerbation of rampant production, transportation, advertising, etc. it is global competition. If we want to reduce our impact, we can imagine consuming four times less products (excluding food, of course).

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How ? By making and buying products that last four times longer. In the current model this is impossible, every company has to fight to always do better, place and sell more products. Business leaders themselves complain about this need to increase productivity, but at the same time rejoice when they win…

However, you can imagine companies producing just about anything you want outside of this dictate of rampant competition. How ? By stopping the engine of this madness: finance and the search for the most profitable investments possible. The 15% to 20% return demanded by the markets is heresy. So we have to do without the stock market and the toxic financial markets.

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