An energy check to households that heat with fuel oil from 8 November

In the coming weeks, this check for 100 to 200 euros will be sent to half of the households that heat with fuel oil, about 1.6 million households.

Thing promised, thing owed, the government announces its support system for households heating with fuel oil.

An energy check of 100 to 200 euros will be paid from 8 November to half of the households that heat with fuel oil, or about 1.6 million households. An envelope of 230 million euros will be spent on it (it is the result of the amended financial law passed this summer).

The amount of the fuel oil energy check depends on the household income (for the calculation the income of 2020 is taken into account) and the number of people in the household.


– 200 euros for a single person with minimum wage with at least one child
– 100 euros for a single person at minimum wage without children
– 100 euros for a single woman with 2 children who pay approx. 3000 euros net/month

Soon there will be a simulator online on the site so that households can check their eligibility.

“To facilitate the payment of this support, the energy check payment circuits will be used: automatic check dispatch by the end of November for households that have already used an energy check in the past to pay a fuel bill”, details Bercy

The other eligible households can submit their request at a special online desk that will be open from November 8th. All you need to do is submit a fuel bill to receive the aid the following month.

Check usable for other energies

This fuel support does not apply to fuel bills already paid. However, the concerned households should not wait for this energy check to be sent to fill their fuel tank, the government advises.

“Indeed, this fuel support, which takes the form of an energy check, can be used to pay all kinds of energy bills (gas, electricity, heating oil, wood pellets, etc.). Therefore, eligible households who have already filled their fuel tank when they receive the check do not lose the benefit of the support: they can use this check to pay their electricity bill or their next fuel bill, for example, until March 2024”, we can reading in a press lets go.

It is also possible to ask fuel oil suppliers, depending on their cash flow capacities, to spread payments over several installments.

Finally, Bercy recalls that for most households, this fuel aid will be in addition to the usual energy check, which will be sent to about 6 million households in the spring, and the exceptional energy check at the end of the year, which will be sent to 40 households. sent. % of households (12 million households).

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business