Are you entitled to the increased activity bonus from 1 April? All info here

This month of April promises some surprises for French households waiting for their child benefits. It must be said that the reform announced some time ago by the state more than beneficiaries. The numbers revealed on this topic are also particularly interesting. But are you one of those people who gets an upward bonus for the start of the next month? The details in this article!

Bonus: a revaluation for multiple allowances

The RSA is the first to be affected by this revaluation that is so much requested by French households. Indeed, the amount awarded so far for this bonus will be revised to the increase of a rate of 1.8%† A change that will be applied as of April 1, 2022. The change was implemented by the State in response to the annual inflation observed earlier. And this is not the only fee that will be revised upwards if we are to believe the government statements on the subject.

This is especially the case with the activity bonus or PA which will also be paid from the next month. In terms of the rate, French households can expect an increase comparable to that of the RSA. A change that will therefore be appreciated by the beneficiaries given the rise in food and fuel prices. Especially since the profiles that will benefit from it will be more numerous than in the past

How much for PA?

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With this revaluation, these are all maximum thresholds of the activity bonus which will be revised upwards. The lump sum for one person is thus: about 653.68 euros† If the beneficiary has one or two dependent children, it is more likely to be EUR 845.52 and EUR 1014.62. The increase will of course still apply to this surcharge.

So we charge 50% for the first person and 30% for the others. However, if the household composition consists of more than 3 persons under the age of 25, the rate is 40%. Enough to allow beneficiaries to make a quick calculation of the amount that could be paid to them in early April. However, keep in mind that the payout of this bonus will be spread over several days depending on the department where you are.

Who are the beneficiaries of this bonus?

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This is the big question that comes up with every announcement of a new bonus! Are you one of the people who benefit from it? Simply put, the eligibility criteria for this allowance have not changed much since its entry into force. In fact, households wishing to have AP must meet: very specific criteria. This includes in particular:have a low-income activity

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Only people who regularly live in France will benefit from the bonus. Do you meet the criteria set by the State? Do not hesitate to go to the CAF and make the request. Depending on your location and your profile, the MSA can arrange this for you too!

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