Cybertruck production unveiled at the opening of the Gigafactory in Texas

On the occasion of the opening of the brand new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Elon Musk took the opportunity to lift the veil on the production version of the Cybertruck that will be produced on site from 2023 onwards.

And 6! A few weeks after the long-awaited inauguration of his first European gigafactory, in Berlin, whose construction will have been anything but a health course, Elon Musk celebrated the opening of his brand-new factory in Austin, Texas with much fanfare. It is, after the Fremont site, the Giga Nevada and the Giga New York, the fourth location in the United States. Already operational, the first locally produced Model Ys were delivered to their respective owners on the night of the inauguration and Elon Musk, the famous boss of the Californian brand, also took the opportunity to present what is similar to the production version of the Cybertruck pickup. He did not specify it strictly speaking, but doubt is almost not allowed.

The Cybertruck is closely derived from the 2019 concept

It must be said that if the model resembles in almost all respects the concept presented in 2019, the lines drawn with a ruler are still in play, but there are some differences such as the presence of up-to-date lights on the front placed between the grille and the shields, the rims – in the same aluminum gray color as the body – are now open and let the air through. Finally, this is the main feature of the Cybertruck, it is now devoid of door handles. To gain entry you just need to be in possession of the card and the doors will open automatically as you approach. With all the legality issues that this principle entails, because access to the car, by the emergency services, in the event of an accident, would only become more complicated.

Austin’s Gigafactory, the brand’s new headquarters

But we’ll have to wait before we know more, since nothing else has been specified except for commissioning from next year and assembly, at least initially, at this Texas plant, where the manufacturer’s headquarters, formerly located in California, is now located. Before the pick-up, the Model Y will start using this assembly line. In addition, the target is ambitious: Tesla hopes to produce approximately 500,000 units per year locally in a full year.

In any case, the Cybertruck will not be allowed to leave the North American continent, with Elon Musk roughly invoking excessive ecological costs of exporting to other continents. It’s better to laugh about it… That said, the Cybertruck will not be missed by Europeans who are fortunately not too fond of anvils almost 6 m long…

published on 04/11/2022 Updated 04/11/2022

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