did you become an owner earlier than average?

An INSEE study published on Tuesday 3 May on the composition of household wealth provides some figures on the age at which people have access to real estate. And unsurprisingly, the older you get, the more likely you are to become a homeowner.

At what age are you most likely to become a homeowner? In a new edition of its benchmark study on household wealth, published Tuesday, May 3, INSEE points out that: 61.2% of households living in France outside of Mayotte own real estate. A stable share for ten years, the institute notes.

The research also shows that the percentage of owners increases with age group. If 19.8% of the households whose reference person is younger than 30 years old owns real estate, this is the case for 73.4% of households aged 70 or older. The mean is reached for the age group 30-39 (51.6%) and slightly exceeded for the 40-49 year olds (61.3%), the 50-59 year olds (65.9%) and the 60-69 years (69.5%).

Percentage of households with housing capacity

Age category 2021
Under 30 19.8%
30-39 years old 51.6%
40-49 years old 61.3%
50-59 years old 65.9%
60-69 years old 69.5%
70 years and older 73.4%

Figures from the Insee household wealth survey of 3 May 2022.

A drop below 30

Between 2010 and 2018, the differences narrowed: boosted by better access to mortgages, the ownership rate increased by 5 points for all households whose reference person was under 40, while it had declined over their years. the opposite, since 2018, property ownership has fallen by 2.4 points below 30 and 3.8 points for people in their thirties, while it is quite stable among older households, says INSEE.

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However, since 2010 real estate ownership has decreased by 7.3 points for the 50-59 age group and 6.2 points for the 60-69 age group. For INSEE, these declines can be explained by the de-accumulation at retirement (for example, a household that decides to sell its main residence to settle full-time in its second home) but also translates more difficult access to property for generations born at the turn of the 1960s† The hardest hit are the withdrawals, especially the former commissioners (6 points), and the inactive who have never worked (7.7 points), the institute writes.

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But what do households own in terms of real estate? in detail, 57.5% own their primary residence and 19.2% have another home (second home, vacant home, rented out or made available for free). The 50-59 and 60-69 year-olds are also the age groups with the highest percentage of other homes (24.6% and 23.2% respectively). And for a majority of households, you have to hit the forty mark to have a primary residence: only 47% of people in their thirties own a home.

Who owns their main residence?

Age category

Percentage of owners
of the main residence

Under 30 17%
30-39 years old 47%
40-49 years old 57%
50-59 years old 61%
60-69 years old 66%
70 years and older 71%

Figures 2021 from the Insee household wealth survey of 3 May 2022.