Difficulty receiving your emails, reimbursing your care: La Poste connections blocked for security

Since the end of April, the post office has voluntarily blocked its teletransmission service for security reasons. Consequences, delays in reimbursing the doctor for advanced expenses or even difficulties in receiving his clients e-mails.

You have a email address “” † You have probably been having problems for several days, especially getting your email on your phone or tablet.

This difficulty in accessing the post also affects the reimbursement of your health costs, explains the Parisian† Indeed, the email address serves as an identifier for practitioners to send reimbursement requests from their patients, the Ile-de-France newspaper explains.

Engaged health professionals

And the use of La Poste couriers, such as Orange, is very common among health professionals, who therefore need to connect to software to send the health insurance the electronic form proving that the medical act has taken place.

In reality, these issues are not related to a bug, but to a voluntary action by the post officewhich stated in a press release that it had detected suspicious behavior, necessitating this security measure.

“Abnormal Behavior”

“This deactivation of the consultation of e-mail accounts through another platform tracks the detection of abnormal behavior when trying to access email accounts thanks to the constant and proactive monitoring of the teams. These access attempts use a list of passwords and associated emails from a dataset found on the Internet,” the post office said in a press release following a request from the Geek Diary

Indeed, by going to the messaging site, a warning message informs you that “consultation of email accounts via another platform is temporarily disabled† This preventive measure will remain in effect until secure access is restored to users via POP/IMAP protocols.”

How do you check your emails?

Thus, this problem affects a large number of users. So don’t panic if you can’t access your emails anymore. You don’t have to try turning your device off and on again.

Rather, to consult your “” emails, it is recommended to use the website or the mobile application. For their part, health professionals should be granted a deferral of their income from April, while patients will have to wait a little longer before they can be reimbursed.

But the Health Insurance, contacted by the Parisian, wants to give complete reassurance: “No invoice is lost (…) The invoices will be sent when the computer problem is solved.”