Driverless self-driving vehicle tries to evade police during checkpoint

A recently uploaded video shows a driverless cruise car being stopped in San Francisco by police who discovered the self-driving vehicle had no one behind the wheel.

Cruise control police
Credit: Mario Herger / YouTube

cruisean autonomous vehicle development company owned by General Motors has tested its robot axis on the streets of San Francisco and recently started carrying passengers on restricted routes. However, not all vehicles seem to behave as expected, one of them even put the police in a disturbing situation† It is not the first time that the police have been confronted with such situations, as they had done so before stopped self-driving Google self-driving car because it was too slow

While the local police patrolled, they decided to stop Cruise’s car for a traffic stop. According to witnesses at the scene, the object of the check would have been the absence of headlights, although it was nighttime. The problem is that there was no one inside to check, where the vehicle is fully autonomous. Even worse, the car would have tried to flee just seconds after they stop on the side of the road.

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Self-driving vehicle tried to flee police

After stopping the fully autonomous Chevy Bolt, we can see the San Francisco police officer approaching the car’s window before attempting (unsuccessfully) to open the door. Faced with this failure, the police officer returned to his patrol car, but certainly didn’t expect the autonomous vehicle to start moving away.

Because we were almost dealing with a new Black Mirror storyline with the police giving chase with an autonomous vehicle, the latter eventually stopped with its hazard lights a little further down the road. The police will then back up behind the vehicle, get out of the car and then circle around the vehicle, probably trying to figure out how to turn on the headlights.

Shortly after the video went viral, Cruise responded with a tweet that read: ” Our self-driving vehicle succumbed to the police vehicle and then pulled over as scheduled to the nearest safe traffic stop location. An officer contacted Cruise’s staff and no ticket was issued

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