Free is no longer stopping and is gradually launching its fiber offering on three networks operated by SFR

Free is no longer stopping and is gradually launching its fiber offering on three networks operated by SFR

The Eure-Et-Loir THD, Isère THD and Wigard Fiber networks are starting to welcome Free’s fiber offer in some places. All are managed by Xp Fiber from SFR.

Its objective to launch its fiber offerings on 25 new networks of public initiative in 2022 in addition to the quarantine on which it is already present, now seems more than feasible. For subscribers who were not present on the networks operated by SFR (Xp Fiber) a few weeks ago, Free is starting to qualify addresses in several RIPs of the infrastructure manager for a Freebox fiber subscription.

After the [email protected] eyou Essone Digital, Herault Digital. and Oise digital, it’s the turn of three new networks to add to the list. The first homes in several municipalities (Luray, Vernouillet) served by Eure-Et-Loir THD are now eligible, reports busyspider† The project, which is intended to cover all the needs of residents and companies in the field of very high speed, concerns both the service provision to some thirty industrial estates and the provision of very high speed connections in almost 100,000 homes, in 170 municipalities. For now, these are just pre-openings with the operator, it will be necessary to wait for an official confirmation to know the number of eligible households so far.

Isère THD’s public initiative network is also starting to welcome Free’s fiber offerings. According to various reports and the suitability test of Free, addresses in the municipalities of Charvieu-Chavagneux, Tignieu-Jameyzieu, Satolas and Bonce, Pontcharra or Moirans are already connectable to the fiber optic. This public service delegation was awarded at the end of April 2016 to Isère Fiber, a subsidiary of SFR FTTH. No less than 57% of the households, or almost 386,000 and 55% of the companies with more than 5 employees (600) will eventually be served by this network.

Never two without three, because Free also opens the floodgates (pre-openings) on the Wigard Fiber RIP network, in the department of Gard (Aimargues). After signing an agreement in September 2018 for the construction and operation of the network, SFR FTTH Xp Fiber is now working hard to achieve its goal: 100% fiber coverage of the department by 2022, or 257,000 points of sale in 305 municipalities. It is a large-scale project because it aims to build 49 connection nodes and 10,000 km of fiber optic cores. To find out if you qualify for Free’s fiber offerings, visit the operator’s site and take a test at your address. The operator also allows you to enter your contact details, to be notified of your arrival by email.

Source : busyspider