Free pushes the mushroom on the bet of 5G

Free pushes the mushroom on the bet of 5G

The ANFR today unveiled its observatory for the roll-out of 5G mobile networks in March for Orange, Free, Bouygues and SFR.

This report shows that as of April 1, 2022, 32,930 5G sites in France have been authorized by ANFR, including 5 sites in Overseas France. 24,046 of these have been declared technically operational by mobile phone operators. Almost all of these 5G installations are authorized on existing sites, which are already used by 2G, 3G or 4G technologies. Only 4 sites only host 5G.

The results of the commissioned 5G sites in mainland France are as follows:

  • Free (14,584 locations, +285 in March 2022);
  • Bouygues Telecom (7,056 locations, +113 over the same period);
  • SFR (5,703 sites, +253 in the same period);
  • Orange (3,492 sites, +124 in the same period).

The details of the 4 frequency bands currently make it possible to offer a 5G service:

The ANFR lists the number of locations on each of the frequencies used by 5G, knowing that the core band, which allows for the best speeds, is the 3.5GHz band.

  • 19,289 5G sites are authorized in the 700 MHz band (Free Mobile), of which 14,568 have been declared technically operational;
  • 5 5G sites are authorized in the 1800 MHz band in Guyana (Outremer Telecom);
  • 13,423 5G sites are authorized in the 2,100 MHz band (Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR and Outremer Telecom), of which 8,263 have been declared technically operational;
  • 17,147 5G sites are authorized in the new 3.5 GHz band (Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR), of which 10,514 have been declared technically operational.

Free was not only the first overall, but was also the operator to roll out the most 5G sites in March, including those with the 3.5 GHz band.

During the month of March, Free was the most active, with a total of 285 new technically operational 5G sites, including 164 on the 3.5 GHz band. It will be followed by SFR with 253 new 5G sites, including 152 with 3.5GHz frequencies. Orange will then open up 124 new technical operational sites, including 149 with the 3.5 GHz frequency band. And during this month of March, Bouygues Télécom came last with only 113 new 5G sites, including 122 in 3.5 GHz.

Please note that the same site may be equipped with different frequency bands to provide 5G service. Thus, the total number of locations may be less than the sum of the locations divided according to the frequency bands.

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