Fuel Prices: Total, Casino, Super U…what are the good plans for the weekend?

Despite the state discount, fuel prices are still high. For this, some brands offer “good plans” to help motorists. We are making an inventory of these good plans for this weekend from April 8 to 10.

This weekend you can take advantage of some “good deals” offered by oil companies or distributors. Here’s the list.

10 cents discount at Total stations

The 10 cents per liter discount on petrol and diesel still applies at all stations of Total, Total Access and Avia. And this in steps of 10 liters within the limit of 50 liters.

u26fdufe0f From April 1 to May 15, @TotalEnergies extends its discount of 10 € cents/litre including VAT to 2,700 stations in #France and not just in the countryside. This discount is in addition to the government discount of 18 cents €/liter including VAT.

— TotalEnergies Press (@TotalEnergiesPR) Apr 1, 2022

The liter of fuel for 85 cents at Géant Casino

The group offers a liter of fuel at € 0.85 for unleaded and diesel. Obviously, this is not the price displayed at the pump. Rather, it is a matter of calculating the difference between what you pay at the pump and this price of 85 cents per liter within the limit of a full tank of 50 liters. On presentation of the original receipt and the bank card used for payment, you will receive a voucher that can be used in your store until 12 noon on Sunday 10 April. This voucher is only valid from €100 purchase.

Small discounts at Super U

Signs like Super U apply small discounts on the order of one or two cents if they don’t already put the cost into practice permanently, reports AutoNews

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