Fuel Shortage: Violence, Serial Transfer, Illegal Trade… Shocking Scenes Increase

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Since the beginning of the week, there have been more verbal and physical attacks near gas stations. And that’s not all, some make it by draining the neighbor’s tank and others set up their own small traffic to take advantage of the crisis.

The nerves are on edge. Faced with long queues at the entrance to gas stations, some French motorists struggle to keep calm. Such as in the conurbation of Toulouse where several incidents took place this week. In Rieumes, for example, a woman who had passed motorists who had been waiting for tens of minutes to park at the pumps normally reserved for trucks saw herself threatened with a billhook.

On the networks, videos of this kind of unrealistic scenes are multiplying. In Aubervilliers, a fight broke out between several two-wheeler pilots.

Waiting more than 2 hours in a gas station near Evreux. And there come 4 champions in 2 rental Porsches and want to fry the tail. Spoiler: not everyone liked it

— Romain Chafore (@RomainFchr) October 9, 2022

In Evreux, in the Eure, two Porsche drivers aroused the ire of those who had been waiting for hours by wanting to overtake everyone. Cut off by over-annoyed motorists, the two companions eventually left without queuing and without fuel.

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Even more serious in Haute-Savoie. Two customers at a gas station had a dispute in line. One of the two stabbed the other several times with a knife. A 20-year-old man – who accused the other of having passed him – got out of his car with a knife and… stabbed the Swiss driver, in front of his two children who were in the back of the vehicle. He was rushed to Geneva hospital with absolute urgency and is now out of the woods.

Between rising prices and shortages, fuel thefts increase. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Villepinte police arrested a young man who had stolen 280 liters of fuel by siphoning the tank of a truck. In Ain, a road haulier assured our colleagues of: France 3who has undergone four transfers in one month.

Others, finally, play in the higher category. In Villiers-le-Bel, in the Val-d’Oise, private individuals took control of a Total gas station on Monday evening, October 10. They filtered motorists themselves, so that only local residents could pass through. Others banned them from entering and offered them their own fuel, in cans, at their price. The police intervened alarmed. A young man in his twenties was arrested and taken into custody.