fuels. Where can you convert your vehicle to E85 and where are the stations that sell it in our departments?

With the sharp rise in the oil price, the prices at the pump have risen to well above 2 euros per litre. A money pit for millions of people, for whom the car is also a tool… Motorists arriving at the gas station stare wide-eyed at the E85, the price of which remains below 1 euro, the litre. Just imagine the savings if you fill a 60 liter tank. It’s colossal.

Convert, how much does it cost?

Composed of 65 to 85% bioethanol and about 20% lead-free 95, E85 is an ecological fuel, it reduces CO2 emissions by about 40% and is therefore less taxed than other energies. It comes mainly from plants, especially beets, which contain sucrose. So a good plan?

To be able to use E85 fuel, you only need a “BioFlexfuel” vehicle, which was put on the market a few years ago, or convert your vehicle with a Superethanol E85 box. Some have fun reprogramming the engine, which is strongly discouraged, as insurance will no longer cover repair costs in the event of an accident and may turn against the insured.

To do the conversion properly, you need to go to a garage and install an approved and guaranteed E85 conversion box. This operation, which takes about half a day, costs between 700 and 1500 euros. The price difference is explained on the basis of engine power, displacement and labor hours, depending on the complexity of the operation. Some professionals recommend going back to the mechanic after filling up with E85 three times to make sure everything is working.

On the map above you can see where the technicians are who install the E85 boxes. If the card does not appear, Click here.

Driving with E85, yes, but where do you find it?

Driving with E85 means an overconsumption of about 20%. This means that if you have driven 700 kilometers with a full tank of 95 unleaded, you will have covered 540 kilometers with your box installed. It is then necessary to make the calculation to know when the operation is economically viable. And the more you drive, the more you save. More and more gas stations offer this fuel. As you will see from the map below, the very rural areas are currently devoid of equipped stations. It is precisely in these areas that people often need their car the most to get to work. However, if you cannot find an E85 pump, it is always possible to refuel Unleaded 95-E5 or E10.

The E 85, what is it?

E85 fuel, or Superethanol E85, consists of 65 to 85% bioethanol and 15 to 35% lead-free 95 (SP95). Bioethanol is made from plants and plants that contain sucrose. This is especially the case for beets, starch or sugar cane.

Superethanol is produced in France, which reduces dependence on oil. But the first advantage of this fuel concerns the environment. According to oil company Total: “The composition reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 42.6%.”