Hauts-de-France Choiseul ranking: discover the 100 economic leaders of the region

Pascal Lorot, president of the Institut Choiseul, unveils this 2022 ranking that highlights the under-40 leaders who make up the region’s economy.

What were the selection criteria for the 100 successful candidates?

“The purpose of this ranking is to highlight talents and bring them together under a strong generational prism. It is also the key to all our Ranking Choiseul† For example, only profiles aged 40 and under who were active in Hauts-de-France were selected. In order to weigh the selected profiles, various objective indicators have been taken into account and quantified as well as possible, such as career path, economic impact, job creation. More subjective criteria allowed us to understand the image and reputation of the potential winners, their influence and their networks, and to best represent the different sectors and forms of economic activity in the region. †

What characterizes this class of 2021?

“The number of company start-ups with broke his record this year, in Hauts-de-France, entrepreneurs are strongly represented here, as are our beautiful SMEs, who have reinvented themselves and continue their post-covid growth. Industry and agri-food representatives stand next to figures on inclusive digital technology and the social and solidarity economy. Many are also those who serve the collective good by promoting professional inclusion and equal opportunities from where they sometimes come from. It is all these men and women concerned about their social responsibility and job creation that we are proud to honor this year. †

Why choose Caroline Poissonnier?

“Beyond detecting the potential of young economic leaders, we like to support their professional successes in our own way. Caroline Poissonnier, already identified in our national ranking and accustomed to the top 10 of the Hauts-de-France ranking in previous years, tops this ranking this year. We were eager to promote a strong figure in the Hauts-de-France economy, a leader family business who has made the choice for an ecologically responsible commitment and who has been able to find ways to grow through and for its territory. †

The criteria for this classification

The Institut Choiseul, located in Paris, is a thinktank independently devoted to the analysis of international strategic issues and global economic governance. The ambition is to create independent spaces for dialogue at the intersection of the political and institutional world, the economic sphere and that of ideas to fertilize debates on contemporary issues. By organizing prestigious events and informal meetings between key leaders in Paris, Brussels or Africa, by distributing its publications to decision-makers and influential opinion leaders, the Institut Choiseul continuously feeds the decisions of economic players and policy.

Talent identification, in particular through the Choice 100the Choiseul 100 Africa value Choiseul City of tomorrow, the Institut Choiseul actively contributes to the emergence of a young generation of internationally recognized leaders. With the Choiseul Hauts-de-Francethe Institute signs its third regional version and highlights those who participate in the dynamics of the region.


Relying on his expertise, the Institut Choiseul called on numerous specialists in the regional economic fabric to carry out this ambitious and unique study, which drew up an inventory of the living forces that contribute to the dynamism and influence of Hauts-de – France. the realization of Choiseul Hauts-de-France was carried out by the Institut Choiseul in 2021. It was structured around three main phases: target setting and methodological adjustment; searching and selecting profiles; the validation and development of the final rankings highlighting the 100 most promising young economic leaders in Hauts-de-France. Only profiles that meet certain conditions were kept: be 40 years or younger on January 1, 2022; be active in the Hauts-de-France region; make an active contribution to the regional economy. To classify the selected profiles, several criteria were taken into account such as performance (experiences, achievements, progress), situation (position, reputation, influence), potential (creativity, vision, agility). The hundred winners will be ranked from 1st to 100th place. Since the investigation ended on January 1, 2022, professional developments after this date have not been taken into account.