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The DeLorean Motor Company is gearing up to revive the mythical DMC-12 in a brand new 100% electric version, to be released in August.

The mythical DeLorean returns to electric: here's when, discover a first image
Paul Nigh’s ‘’ Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Message for fans of the saga Back to the future† We’ve been hearing about the return of the mythical DeLorean for years, but still, apart from a few illustrations created by independent designers to create the buzz, nothing seemed to be coming. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​​​the return of the famous time machine is not new and crops up regularly in the media. It seems we are finally closer than ever.

In a tweet, the Delorean Motor Company has just posted a photo announcing the return of the American sportswoman, star of the 80s saga. The very first teaser is also accompanied by a very short description, which then announces the unveiling of this new creation, highly appreciated by the public is expected on August 18 .

A style signed Italdesign

For the time being it is still difficult to find out more about the final design of the machine, which has not yet been shown in its entirety by the brand. However, we know that it is his collaboration with the transalpine design studio Italdesign, founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro and with which DeLorean has been operating for over fifty years. Nevertheless, the style should not resemble the one we know well with the DMC-12 at all!

Let’s clear things up a bit. The next generation DeLorean comes into view on August 18, 2022. Read the press release here for more information: #DeLorean #DeloreanEVolved #first sight

— DeLorean Motor Company (@deloreanmotorco) Apr 4, 2022

Indeed, according to the first teaser revealed by the company, we notice much less angular and more modern features designed to improve the aerodynamics of the sportswoman. We notice, of course, the presence of LED lighting, as well as beautiful air intakes. An earlier teaser also showed that this new DeLorean would be fitted with butterfly doors, just like the original version launched as a reminder of the early 1980s.

an electric motor

Unfortunately, we know very little about this new generation, but one thing is certain, it will now get a 100% electric motorization. Therefore, abandon the famous PRV engine, which will be replaced by a more virtuous mechanism, although no details have been revealed for the time being. The power, battery capacity and autonomy therefore remain very mysterious at the moment.

Anyway, this new Delorean, which probably won’t bear the DMC-12 name, will be officially unveiled at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California.

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