if you pay more than 7 euros per month, you can still save money

Also this week, Prixtel is lowering the price of its flexible packages. This is the case with the Le grand offer, which gives you a data envelope of 60 GB for only 6.99 euros per month. A value for money that is hard to beat at the moment.

Mobile subscription: if you pay more than 7 euros per month, you can still save money

Since its foundation in 2004, Prixtel has had two objectives: to offer cheap mobile subscriptions, but at the same time adapt to the consumption of the user. The offers that the operator invites us to discover this week fit perfectly into this philosophy, with a flexible package The big one that goes under 7 euros for 60 GB of data

This subscription has the particularity of adapting to your needs and can also offer you, if necessary, a larger data volume (up to 100 GB), for a maximum price of 12.99 euros per month. A very reasonable price considering the size of the envelope offered, especially since in the end you only pay for what you consume. We explain everything to you Prixtel offers of the week

What are the benefits of the Le grand package of 6.99 euros per month?

Despite its price placing at the lowest of the moment, the Le grand de Prixtel package offers new services compared to its competitors. By choosing this plan, you will benefit every month from:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, messaging and 60 to 100 GB of data in 4G/4G+ in mainland France;
  • unlimited calls, texts and MMS and 20 GB of data from the European Union and the overseas departments.

However, the real strength of this plan lies in its flexibility, as the data envelope adapts to your usage through a very simple system of levels. This system adapts month after month to best meet your needs and avoid high bills. Specifically, this works like this:

  • if you use up to 60 GB of data per month, you pay the basic price, namely 6.99 euros per month;
  • if you use between 60 and 80 GB per month, you pay 9.99 euros per month;
  • if you use between 80 and 100 GB per month, the bill increases to 12.99 euros per month.

Let’s take the case that for some reason your usage increases to 66 GB for a month. Your invoice will then automatically increase to 9.99 euros. This does not mean that you will pay this amount in the following months. If your usage returns to normal, ie below 60 GB, your bill will do the same. This way you always pay the right price in relation to your consumption.

Mobile subscription: if you pay more than 7 euros per month, you can still save money

Prixtel is currently offering its Le grand package in action from 6.99 euros per month for 60 GB data† However, this offer, which runs until April 12, is only valid for one year. After this period, Le grand resumes its initial price of 12.99 euros per month for 60 GB. Please note, however, that the packages offered by Prixtel are non-binding and therefore you can terminate them whenever you want.

What do the other Prixtel packages offer?

Two other packages complete the Prixtel offer. The first, called Le petit, is intended for users who do not have much need for data. Available from 4.99 euros per month, you can enjoy unlimited calls, texts and MMS in France and from the EU and the overseas departments, as well as a budget of 10 GB of data to spend from the EU and the overseas departments. It also provides you with 20 to 40 GB of data that you can use from France at your discretion. Prixtel mandatory, the rate evolves according to your consumption to adapt to your way of working:

  • if you use 20 GB or less, you only pay 4.99 euros per month;
  • between 20 and 40 GB, the monthly cost of the package increases to 7.99 euros;
  • between 30 and 40 GB, the bill will be EUR 9.99 per month.

Mobile subscription: if you pay more than 7 euros per month, you can still save money

The second is appropriately called Le Géant and offers a substantial data envelope, ideal for the most greedy of users. from 9.99 euros per month† In addition to the usual services (20 GB to spend from the EU and the DOMs, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the EU and the DOMs), it also benefits from some additional benefits. Starting with unlimited calls to the US, Canada and landlines in the EU and overseas departments.

Then, not to mention, this plan also benefits from compatibility with the 5G network if you subscribe to the option AD hoc for 5 euros more per month. As always with Prixtel, flexibility is at the level of data and price, and is distributed as such:

  • if you use 100 GB or less, your monthly bill is 9.99 euros per month;
  • between 100 and 130 GB you go to 12.99 euros per month;
  • between 130 and 160 GB, your bill increases to 15.99 euros.

Mobile subscription: if you pay more than 7 euros per month, you can still save money

Like the Le grand pack, both the Le petit and giant packs are non-binding, allowing you to better manage your needs. Finally, keep in mind that these prices are guaranteed for the first year and they will resume their original price on the anniversary date of the contract subscription.

Prixtel is committed to the environment

Prixtel has one last peculiarity: it undertakes to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the use of its customers’ package and its professional activity. To do this, Prixtel plants trees and repopulates French forests. Since the start of his contract, he has already replanted 20 hectares of trees. Prixtel also supports French farmers in reducing their CO2 emissions.