Inflation: these tips to adapt to rising prices and shop without breaking your budget

According to figures released by INSEE in April, inflation over the last twelve months is expected to be 4.8%. So how do you prevent your purchasing power from melting away like snow in the sun?

How does your budget not explode in times of inflation? If there is no miracle recipe, a few tips can help you limit the breakage.

Look for promotions and buy in bulk

Faced with rising prices, more and more French people are looking for good deals, even if it means going to different stores to fill their fridge. Some even match their purchases to items that are on sale.

Despite all things non-food, some admit to rushing promotions. This is the case of Manon, 24, questioned by our colleagues at TF1, who recognizes that he has to buy certain products in large quantities, even if it means storing them for several weeks afterwards. “If there are offers on products like laundry detergent, toothpaste, or long-life products that I’m sure I’ll need, I take a lot,” she explains.

Save money with mobile apps

There are more and more that can help you save money. In an article on the subject, Capital lists the benefits of each.

For example, there is “shopium”, “quoty” or “Fidmarques” or “Igraalmarket”, which refund some of your products after purchase† “My opinion makes it free” only works with the Carrefour brand and invites test some products for free pre-selected.

On the price comparison side, Prixing offers to find out in which supermarket a product is cheapest. Finally, lists all the promotional catalogs of major retailers and gives you some valuable tips to save money while shopping.

Change your consumption habits

Faced with the explosion of fuel prices, more and more French people are looking for alternatives to private vehicles: carpooling, public transport, cycling… Instead of transport, others are choosing to focus their efforts on food.

One of the tricks to spending less is to buy “short date” products, foods that are close to expiration and that are sold at a discount in supermarkets.

Finally, some choose to prepare hearty meals in large quantities, even if that means eating the same thing several days in a row. In short, everyone has their own solution, but in the face of inflation, the French are not lacking in imagination.