Lidl makes an important request to its customers!

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published by Celine on April 11, 2022 at 6:29 PM

In the Lyon region, a poster was pasted at the entrance of Lidl stores. This is what customers are asking for now restrict the purchase of certain products, in anticipation of a food shortage caused by the war in Ukraine

Lidl Food Shortage makes an important request to its customers!


Lidl stores place high demands on their customers!

Let’s go straight to a shortage of sunflower oil in France † A large number of supermarkets have already started in Europe ration this product to go with all risks of deficiency† Such as in particular in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands or even in Spain.

In question, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which paralyzes the entire world market. You should know that Ukraine provides 53% of the exports and Russia 30%. In France, only Metro, a food wholesaler for professionals, had taken similar measures in March. But from now on, Lidl has decided to ask its customers to: limit their purchases of sunflower oil.

Michel Biero, General Manager Purchasing and Marketing of the board, announced on Sunday 3 April that he is already in the boards a few breaks.

Only one instruction: don’t smash!

After the supermarket in Perpignan, all Lidl stores in France will now display these posters. For the time being, unlike the island of Réunion, where oil is already rationed at 3 liters per head, no maximum number of products imposed. It’s really just a recommendation to call customers reasonable.

As for the prices, it will be necessary expect significant increases. According to Michel Biero, the distributors who will run out of oil will be the ones who have not accepted the increase. A few months ago, Lidl sold sunflower oil for €1.79. Today she is already increased to € 2.10, an increase of 17%. And it’s a safe bet that unfortunately its price has not stopped climbing.

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