Lidl will surprise all motorcyclists with its new special safety range

LIDL is always short of bargains. Week after week, the German brand offers incredible offers in all departments. Of course, food was at the top of the promotions. For fresh, LIDL promises more than 140 fruits and vegetables on the shelves every day. What to fill for cooking! Processed products are also very numerous. There are classic references, but also more elaborate or exotic recipes. Prepare some small parties without crushing your budget. Your wallet and your guests will appreciate it! LIDL is not limited to this, however. Home appliances sold by the discount brand are all the rage. It must be said that it is hard to beat their value for money. LIDL thought of motorcyclists this time. A car engine promotion begins. It contains essential accessories for motorcycle safety.

Lidl has thought about safety and small budgets for all motorcyclists

LIDL offers a black modular helmet, available in different sizes. Safety is guaranteed by an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene outer shell. The reinforcement is made of expanded polystyrene foam. The inner lining is made of polyester with CoolMax inserts and antibacterial treatment. HEIO FRESH TECH technology guarantees you odor-free fabric durability. If necessary, you can wash the removable interior parts. The visor is made of polycarbonate. Thanks to the PINLOCK system, LIDL has provided an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. Visibility is therefore optimal, regardless of the weather! This helmet is also suitable for spectacle wearers. This helmet is sold at LIDL for the unbelievable amount of 59.99 euros. But that is not everything ! You can also equip yourself with motorcycle gloves, essential for your safety.

A perfect range for all motorcyclists!
A perfect range for all motorcyclists!

LIDL sells a pair of gloves that all bikers will love. They are available in different sizes and are the perfect companions for your excursions. The back of the hand benefits from a very useful reinforcement in the event of a fall. Goatskin covers most of the glove and provides extra protection. The lining is made of 100% polyester. LIDL has supplied 65% polypropylene and 35% polyester filling for more comfort. Thermal protection is provided by a 3M Thinsulate treatment. This way you are protected against the wind, but also against the rain. In case of rain, LIDL has even provided an integrated visor wiper. For this pair of motorcycle gloves you only pay 23.99 euros. If you want to complete your motorcycle outfit, LIDL has everything you need. Why not equip yourself with a very practical saddle bag? LIDL offers it to you for 24.99 euros.

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