Liquidation of Melila: ‘People have lost their savings’

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Five years after the liquidation of the company, located in the Arsac area, former employees who had invested tens of thousands of euros in it are waiting for compensation. The court took over the case.

April 2017. After two years of recovery, the company Melila is placed in forced liquidation. The end of a great adventure for this company specialized in the trade in animal feed and seeds, whose gigantic silos dominated the Arsac area. With this liquidation, about thirty people will lose their jobs. Some of them will leave a lot more there.

This is the case of Yves , a well-known salesman who inspected the department’s farms. For years he had invested in his company, up to more than €15,000 in shares. He had also put his money into a parallel company of Melila called Investila. This should enable the development of the company. It didn’t happen. It was liquidated just a few months after Melila.“We all believed Yves explains today. Above all, we were promised a return of almost 5%, tax exemption… Everything was very attractive! I’ve had my family and friends invest in it and we’ve lost almost €80,000.” Some of his colleagues have invested much more in it. Before you lose everything, or almost. According to a complaint to the prosecutor that: Press center

could have consulted, 800,000 € would have flown away for the investors.

Soon a lawsuit? If everyone recognizes that there was a risk, as with investing in the stock market, the pill still won’t go away. Twelve ex-employees filed a complaint in 2018 for various heads: fraud, breach of trust, presentation of incorrect social bills… In the crosshairs? Marc Guy, the CEO of both companies.“We trusted him blindly, we worked for him day and night and were cheated. In recent months we were told that the company was sustainable, that it was growing at 10-15% per year, that there was no risk… It was all just wind. We’ve been asking for our money back for years and never got an answer… It’s the Madoff case in Aveyron!’ , confide in the plaintiffs. They have been waiting impatiently for justice for more than five years. The investigation is also closed, led by Toulouse’s financial brigade. All parties have been heard and the file is in the hands of the public prosecutor of Rodez. Will the Melila case resurface, this time in court? Absolute.“We hope as soon as possible! Because we can’t wait any longer”

blow the former employees.

“A financial scandal passed in silence” For several months now, they have been offering the services of Me Xavier Nogueras to advance their business. This renowned lawyer of the Paris Bar – former counsel for a certain Jawad Bendaoud, Mohamed Amri in the current maxi-trial of the November 13 attacks or even Loïck Le Priol, prime suspect in the murder of Argentine international rugby player Federico Martín Aramburú – , has recorded this file as it is for him“of a real financial scandal, passed in silence” “People have lost their savings”

he, together with his colleague from the Aveyron, Géraldine Vallat, underlines on this matter. Pending a judicial response, Marc Guy, the former CEO of the two companies, declined to discuss the matter. Once again at the head of a seed business, the man simply entrusted“that it was neither mine nor them to judge” “Money, I lost a lot more than them”

he decides.

Assumed first name. Note that the company “Melila Jardin” is foreign to this case and continues its activities.