Livret A: towards a further increase in the remuneration percentage on 1 May 2022?

By Caroline J. Posted on April 12, 2022 10:39 am

Will the return of Livret A increase again from 1 May 2022? Faced with the acceleration of inflation in France, this track is a possibility. We explain it to you.

Another good news for the 55 million owners of a A booklet In France ? Through the acceleration of inflationthe Livret A remuneration percentage could get up again from May 1, 2022† As a reminder, the calculation of the Livret A rate takes into account the interbank ratesbut also inflation of the past six months† However, the price increase in the country is continuing (4.5% year-on-year), mainly due to the war in Ukraine† Logical order, the Livret A rate could therefore be adjusted upwards again this spring. For now, nothing has been announced or confirmed, but according to our colleagues from Parisiancould the governor of the Banque de France recommend a further increase from May 1

But how much could this new increase be? † Applying the calculation method, ie the arithmetic mean between the inflation recorded over the last semester, at 3.20%, and the average of the short-term interest rate in euros, at -0.57%, the interest rate would now be between 1. 25 and 1.5% “, To explain Philippe Creveldirector of the Savings Circle in the columns of the Parisian† † In theory it is possible he adds.

If confirmed, this announcement will be a first in the history of the A booklet† Usually the revaluation of the Livret A rate and Booklet Sustainable and Solidarity Development (LDDS) can only take place twice a year, on February 1 and August 1. Since July 2021, however, a decree states the Governor of the Bank of France recommend an early rate change, on May 1 and November 1, if he believes that “ the change in inflation or money markets is very large explains the Ministry of Economic Affairs on its website

As a reminder, the Livret A rate has already changed on February 1 from 0.5% to 1%. Remember that the reimbursement percentage of the booklet A has been declining steadily for ten years, from 2.25% in 2011 to 0.5% since 2020 (the floor rate).

In connection Banque de France Recommendations and to facilitate the way out of the economic crisis after two complicated years, due to the pandemic, the government had in fact decided to interest rate of this booklet† † Protecting the French from rising prices is my absolute priority, because I am clear about inflation the minister had assured Bruno the mayor against Jean-Jacques Bourdin in mid-December.

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