Lyons. Lidl makes a surprising request to its customers before they go shopping

The poster hangs discreetly at the entrance of the store.  It is not marked.
The poster hangs discreetly at the entrance of the store. It is not marked. (©Nicolas Zaugra/Actu Lyon)

The poster is very discreet, glued to a window at the entrance of this Lidl store in Lyon† It’s almost invisible and mingles with five other paper posters for customers to refer to when they arrive at the supermarket.

This poster, viewable on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, makes a special request to customers. It reads: “We are currently experiencing delivery issues on several of our products. In order to satisfy all our customers, we kindly ask that you limit your purchases”.

The management of this Lidl, located on Cours Lafayette in the 3rd arrondissement in the Villette district next to Part-Dieu, asks to limit some of its purchases. The reason ? The war in Ukraine causing international shortages of certain raw materials…

Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, toilet paper…

“To satisfy all our customers, we kindly ask you to limit your purchases‘ asks Lidl, listing the desired amount per customer. During your shopping you may not take more than 4 bottles of 0.75 L organic sunflower oil, three bottles maximum 1 L sunflower oil, a mixture of four oils and rapeseed oil. †

The same “restriction” for large bottles of 3 liters and 2 liters of cooking oil.

A recommendation, not an obligation

This request for moderation is in fact national and posted at the entrance of all Lidl in France, including those in the Lyon area. According to our colleagues in Toulouseall directors of the French Lidl supermarkets received the same poster and the corresponding preventive message from the brand’s headquarters in Rungis (Val-de-Marne).

“It is a preventive message that is not mandatory. It is a matter of avoiding the rush phenomena that we experienced on these products during the first confinement”, explains Lidl’s communication in turn.

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Fear ? A rush with essentials like oil, paste and toilet paper like at all first inclusion

The poster hangs discreetly at the entrance of this Lidl store in Lyon.
The poster hangs discreetly at the entrance of this Lidl store in Lyon. (©Nicolas Zaugra/Actu Lyon)

Fear of supermarket shortages

At least three quarters of the world’s sunflower oil production comes from Russia or Ukraine. The risk of shortages hovers between war and economic sanctions. In France, the Metro brand, which supplies restaurateurs and professionals, is therefore anticipating a possible shortage by rationing sales.

“In France today there is no shortage for daily consumption and there will not be until the summer,” said Michel Edouard Leclerc this week on BFM TV

Lidl’s French boss Michel Biéro announced this the Parisian a future price increase “about 5 to 8%” with no shortage. “You must be right. Some price increases, such as those of pasta or cardboard, had already started in Ukraine well before the war. And for the time being there is no risk of a shortage of any product. I’m sure some consumers still bought expired pasta in their cupboards during the first lockdown in March 2020! Overstocking would only make the situation worse,” the retailer warns.

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