Massive recall of bouillon cubes: here are the affected products | memory

After the pizzas, chocolates and cheeses, it is the turn of the stock cubes to memory enormous for safety reasons.

Jardin bio étic brand salt-free vegetable stock cubes have been recalled since March 30, 2022. Due to a packaging error, they may contain traces of mineral oils (MOH), which are toxic to health, reports CNews

This is the case for eight 9 gram bouillons marketed from April 12, 2021 to December 3, 2021 in a large number of brands: Atac, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Vival, SPAR, Casino, Cora, Leclerc, Franprix , Intermarché, Netto, Leader Price, Match System U, G20, Coccimarket and Diagonal.

It concerns two batches: the first has a barcode of 3760020505936 and the batch number is 10082022. For the second this information is, in the same order: 3760020505936 and 221110. All this information is available in the product sheet on the site dangerous product warnings

Both lots are being recalled as a precaution. You should stop consuming them and contact the consumer service for a refund or destroy them.

Other cubes of the brand Auchan Pouce, boxes of 12 pieces of beef, lot 0927Y, were recalled in February. There was a suspicion of the presence of a toxic product.

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