Mess at the airport – They think they are going back to London and landing in Madrid


A couple managed to take the wrong flight in Marseille on March 21 and board the plane at the wrong destination. The flight attendants saw nothing but fire.

The two lovebirds don't understand how such a blunder could go unnoticed.

The two lovebirds don’t understand how such a blunder could go unnoticed.


It must be done! Elise and Jessy took a short trip to Marseille to attend a soccer game. On March 21, the day of their return to London, the British went to Marseille airport to catch the Ryanair flight that would take them home. The two travelers made their way to the boarding gate, showed their flight tickets and boarded without any problems. It wasn’t until they were on the air that the pair began to think there might be a minor glitch.

“After an hour into the flight, Jessy told me he thought he heard a flight attendant say ‘Madrid,’ but we thought we were dreaming,” Elise said. “The Independent”† However, doubts arose in the minds of the British when they realized the crew spoke Spanish. “When we asked the question, they said we were going to Madrid. We didn’t understand how it was possible,” the young woman testified. Indeed, the dumpling that the couple committed looks as big as a house.

They crossed an unauthorized area and accidentally boarded a flight to Madrid


Their boarding passes were scanned three times at the airport, so how could they get on the wrong plane? “We were stunned, as were the flight attendants,” says Elise. “It’s not like we took the wrong bus. We definitely ended up in another country!” she’s hallucinating. The Brit assures her that she saw “Madrid” on the screen at the boarding gate. “And how come no one noticed our boarding passes, or that there were two more passengers on board?” she wonders.

After many adventures at Madrid airport, the couple was finally able to return to London. He says he tried unsuccessfully to contact Ryanair. The airline blames them for the two travelers: “They took the correct boarding gate for their flight from Marseille to London Stansted. However, these passengers subsequently did not follow the route assigned to the aircraft departing for London. They crossed an unauthorized area and accidentally boarded a flight departing for Madrid,” argues Ryanair, stressing that it is “each passenger’s responsibility to make sure they board the right thing.” plane.


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