Michel Edouard Leclerc discovers that inflation is anticipating!

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the boss of the Leclerc centers, has made me smile a lot lately.

It must be said that, since in charge of the fate of one of the largest French distributors, he has made low prices his trademark and the alpha and omega of his communication policy.

At Leclerc it is cheaper than cheap! You will find the best prices at Leclerc!

In short, for the price of death that is lethal, you have to go with Leclerc.

Obviously, when inflation returns when it’s been 30 years since the major distributors managed their businesses peacefully, we’ll see red.

Michel-Edouard Leclerc hates inflation!

He hates it even more because of a certain helplessness, because it forces itself on him and puts down all the bargaining methods to get the lowest prices!

So Michel-Edouard Leclerc wants to fight inflation.

Go ahead Michou, I’m looking at you.

Le lets you listen to this excerpt from his interview yesterday.

At the very end he explains that inflation is speculation and expectations and it’s ugly!

But Michou, that’s exactly the economy. Speculation and anticipation.

In addition, the Leclerc group was founded with the remarkable expectation that we would move from the small neighborhood supermarket to the suburban supermarket. After that, the group speculated for years on the prices of its purchases as well as on its land reserves, and so on, and the best.

Inflation and expectations.

If people think that an object will be more expensive tomorrow and if they can buy it cheaper today, then logically they are.

Inflationary expectations therefore force consumers to buy faster so as not to pay tomorrow’s price increase.

By increasing consumption in the short term, these logical expectations increase demand. By increasing demand, we increase prices!

Obviously, inflation is also a self-perpetuating phenomenon that Leclerc’s boss just discovered. It’s about time he understood!

In the same way we will all have to understand that if there isn’t enough of something you can always roll on the floor and squeak, if I don’t want to sell it to you then you don’t have it, and when the prices go up I don’t have reason to sell my property!

Charles SANNAT

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