New: Joa Camp 60 F, the compact motorhome as a delivery van

It is a very compact motorhome: the new Joa Camp 60 F is less than 6 meters long. A format in which anyone who is not used to driving large vehicles will feel comfortable while still offering good interior comfort.

So what’s the secret to this new Joa Camp 60 F motorhome? Nothing rocket science really: the layout respects a classic formula, although not very represented in the current motorhome market. This section of less than 6 meters long and 2.30 m wide actually has a French bed.

Joa Camp 60 F: motorhome with French bed

This coating is applied in the longitudinal direction. It is placed on the side of the vehicle (on the left to be precise). If the vehicle maintains a reasonable width (2.30 m, compared to 2.35 m for the vast majority of current motorhomes), the bed offers good dimensions: 140 cm wide, for 200 cm long. It adjoins a vario-style bathroom: a partition is turned to transform the WC washbasin into a shower cubicle.

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Joa style cooking

On the kitchen side there is a classic motorhome ergonomics. A good kitchen unit with two gas burners, a work corner and a sink. Three large drawers and a high storage space allow you to carry your groceries. The refrigerator measures 138 liters.

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Friendly living room

At the front, the living room has an L-shaped sofa with two real road seats (with belts). The two swivel cab seats and an additional seat on the passenger side form a real “square”, perfectly user-friendly. During the day, the cabin’s skyview provides beautiful light. In the evening, LED lighting comes into play.

Compact, yes, but livable

In terms of storage, this camper remains well equipped (for a compact). On board are a number of wall cabinets and a wardrobe (bedroom side). The bathroom itself has some storage space. You cannot of course transport a bicycle in the hold, which is located under the bed (as you would expect under a French bed, lower than a transverse bed). But it offers valuable cargo space for your gear and miscellaneous luggage. It is accessible from the outside as well as from the inside (by lifting the mattress).

Price and equipment

This new Joa Camp 60 F costs from €52,900. It has a combined Truma hot water boiler and is well insulated, with double glazing, a floor with 45 mm insulation and frost-free water and gas networks. It is based on Citroën Jumper 140 hp.

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