Nio announces all-inclusive subscription ET5, ET7 and EL7 for Europe

Nio Berlin - October 2022

Nio goes into the depths of the European market and gives us some more details about his plans. Starting with the confirmation of three models and above all a new all-inclusive subscription service.

Like many of his compatriots, Nio used Norway as a laboratory to test his vehicles for the European market. It is now entering a new phase of expansion. It was during a major conference in Berlin that company founder William Li revealed some details about his plans. Berlin, because Germany is on the front line.

Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands to start

Indeed, from October 16, the first deliveries of the ET7 sedan should start at our neighbors across the Rhine, as well as in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Nio will therefore focus on these 4 countries in the first few months. He plans to open new Nio Houses in these 4 countries: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

the battery change network will also develop there. The first station has been installed in Germany, near Munich, and the second is about to open in Berlin. In addition to the two that are already operational in Norway. 20 stations should be installed in Europe by the end of the year. The number is expected to reach 120 by 2023, while Europe is projected to be close to 1,000 of these stations by 2025. Nio has also made agreements with its existing charging services and offers its customers access to 380,000 charging points in Europe.

ET7, ET5 and EL7

After ET7, Nio will rapidly expand its European range. The ES8 that launched the attack in Norway will not be part of it. It already belongs to the old generation of models of the brand… These are so the ET5 and the EL7 that will arrive. EL7? Yes EL7 and not ES7. To reduce any risk lawsuits from AudiSUVs will change names in Europe and ES7 becomes EL7. Orders for these two models are now opening. Deliveries of the EL7 will start in January, those of theET5 in March.

The highly anticipated ET5 will be offered in Europe with both battery sizes: 75 kWh or 100 kWh. With 445 km of WLTP autonomy for the first, 580 km for the second. For the ET7, the approved autonomy values ​​are identical. As for the EL7, with the same batteries (exchange system required), the autonomy increases to 394 and 513 km.

The 150 kWh semi-solid type battery announced for the three models is not yet available, but should be one of the most important novelties of 2023.

Rent instead of buy

One of the novelties is the chosen sales model: rental only, Nio speaks of subscription, in all-inclusive mode. Nio does not display a purchase price for its cars in the 4 launch countries. You can only rent a Nio according to an all-inclusive formula, the duration of which can be chosen from 1 to 60 months. Everything included here means home delivery, warranty, maintenance with jockey service and replacement car, tire and winter tire change, battery change…

For example, an ET5 with 75 kWh battery is listed at €999.17/month over 36 months for 1,250 km/month. Under the same conditions, with the same battery, it costs €1,191.27/month for an ET7 and €1,299.04/month for an EL7… With the 100 kWh battery it costs €1,175.13, €1,362.98 and €1,435.58/month for ET5, ET7 and EL7.

The battery exchange service makes it possible in any case to: pass anytime a battery of 75 to 100 kWh, or vice versa, with an adjustment of the rental rate.

36 months subscription
1,250 km/month (Germany)
With 75 kWh battery €999.17/month €1,191.27/month €1,299.04/month
With 100 kWh battery €1,175.13/month € 1,362.98/month €1,435.58/month

And France?

Nio has chosen four launch countries, but does not provide expansion dates in other European countries yet. Given the deployment targets of the battery swap network, the brand’s presence should cover the entire continent by 2025. Presumably, the next expansion, presumably before the second half of 2023, will be mainly Northwestern European: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, UK, Switzerland, Austria…

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The opinion of the author

As we can see from the table, Nio does not break prices. With its arrival in Europe, Nio is not targeting the mass market and directly large volumes. She wants to build a top image with her vehicles, their content and the associated services. Let’s not forget that in its national market, the Chinese brand is already part of the “premium” segment with average sales prices much higher than those of, say, Xpeng.

Once this high-end image has been built, Nio will develop its volumes. This will be done by a provisional new brand known under the code “Alps Project”… Knowing that Nio is already working for a third brand for even cheaper models…