not received, how to claim this week?

Inflation bonus: not received, how to claim this week?

PREMIUM INFLATION. Did you not receive your inflation bonus on time? It will be possible to claim it in April on a brand new site set up by the government. Here are the steps to follow.

[Mis à jour le 11 avril 2022 à 11h44] Initially closed on February 28, the payment of the inflation bonus will be extended into April 2022. And with good reason, more than a million French beneficiaries have still not received it. Originally a hiccup between two payment organisations, Pôle Emploi and the Café. Add to that many double payments and you get a major breakdown whose first victims are the beneficiaries of this 100 euro bonus, introduced by Emmanuel Macron at the end of 2021. That’s why the government has set up a brand new online platform completely dedicated to claiming the inflation bonus. From now on, all “forgotten” fees can be refunded within ten days. How it works ? Here are the different steps you can follow online:

First you need to login to the portal† Once you arrive on the site, you will be presented with a “Connect to make a request” button, click on it. Then bring the identification data you use for Pôle Emploi, Health Insurance, MSA or the post office. It’s up to you, and they all work. The platform now offers you the option to fill out a short form with your personal information. This allows it to determine in real time whether you have already received the compensation of 100 euros or not. If not, you will be prompted to enter your bank details. Once this step is over, you are done. You simply have to wait ten days after the complaint to take advantage of the 100 euros in your bank account.

The payment of the inflation bonus has faced several issues since its launch in December 2021. Many potential beneficiaries have still not received these despite meeting all the criteria. In particular, employees of private employers who are on sick leave on October 31 or job seekers who have been removed from Pôle Emploi, supported for the second time by social security.

Now there exists a site dedicated to claiming the inflation bonus. The government has been working on it for a good month and this brand new platform has been launched since Monday 28 March 2022. To file a complaint, you have to follow several steps. First log in to the government site thanks to your Pôle Emploi IDs, for example. You must then enter your RIB and the refund must be made within 10 days of the request.

After a successful start, the payment of the inflation bonus spoiled at the beginning of the year. A significant number of beneficiaries have complained about non-payment of the €100 in damages. And they are not for nothing 1.3 million have still not received the transfer in their bank account. While the device needs to be completed from the February 28 finally, the government is working behind the scenes to get those who “forgot” about the inflation bonus to file a claim as soon as possible. Misunderstandings between Pôle Emploi and the CAF, victims of double or simply forgotten payments… The reasons for these dysfunctions are many.

36.7 million French people (out of 38 million eligible) have already received the 100 euro inflation allowance declared the minister-deputy for public accounts Olivier DussoptTuesday 8 March, on the waves of south radio† So how do you get redress and try to claim your inflation bonus in the month of March?

First of all, we recommend that you get closer to the organization or company that needs to make the transfer to your bank account. There is no dedicated inflation bonus number available on any platform. Not sure who to contact? Below is a list of preferred contacts:

  • For employees: the employer
  • For students : the CROUS
  • For job seekers: Employment center
  • For social benefit recipients: the CAF
  • For frontier workers: the relevant tax office
  • For farmers: the MSA
  • For non-agricultural self-employed: Urssaf

Also, some professions do not yet know the exact date of payment of the inflation bonus. It shouldn’t wait any longer and should take place at the beginning of the month March 2022, presumably the week of March 7. In particular, 300,000 independent entrepreneurs whose bank details (RIB) are not known to Urssaf are concerned. In this case, Urssaf would contact the affected beneficiaries and pay the inflation bonus in the coming days, early February 2022. Finally, for certain individuals in the following categories, the inflation bonus is still not paid, not anymore:

  • Author artists
  • Self-employed seafarers
  • Disability pension recipients

For certain retirees who are affiliated with the plan Agirc-Arrco, the inflation premium has arrived. The processing times used by the different banking institutions can be up to 5 working days† After the transfer was made no later than February 28, if we include the weekend that has just ended, the inflation bonus ended up in the bank accounts of the pensioners concerned this morning. Which is not the case for some French people, especially the own boss† So how do you claim the March inflation bonus? Follow the leader.

After successive increases of fuel, the government has decided to extend new aid to the French to support them in this period of runaway inflation. When the payment of the inflation bonus was closed, the management decided and announced the introduction of a discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel. †For a full 60 liters you save 9 euros“thrown John Castex this weekend. Private individuals, professionals… This measure should apply to all French people who use a vehicle. The entry into force of this new increase is set on Apr 1, 2022 for a period of 4 months† Motorists can therefore only get off July 31, 2022

But how does it work? Consumers receive the discount at checkout. Either at the counter or directly at the pump. Fuel distributors are reimbursed the difference by the State. The fuels concerned are: dieselthe SP95-E10 and the SP98† In other words, all fuels, including crude oil. the bio ethanol and the E85 are excluded and do not benefit from the discount of 15 cents per litre. The measure will therefore only enter into force on 1 April 2022, giving distributors time to organize themselves, and will cover both individuals That companies. In addition, all the details of this measure and certain other more targeted aid are to be announced this week by Prime Minister Jean Castex, during the presentation of the economic resilience plan to the French.

The inflation supplement is paid to people with a professional income or replacement income of less than €2,000 net per month. It is awarded to persons who receive allowances and social benefits.
The list of the main categories of beneficiaries is as follows:

  • Employees of private employers, including apprentices and beneficiaries of a professionalization contract
  • officials
  • Early Retirement Recipients
  • self-employed
  • Author artists
  • Job seekers and trainees in vocational training
  • Disability pension recipients
  • Retirees, including survivors’ pension beneficiaries
  • Scholarship students and those receiving housing support
  • Young people on their way to work or in civilian service or volunteering for integration
  • Beneficiaries of social minimums

The bonus of 100 euros is awarded on an individual basis. In other words, household composition is not taken into account to determine your eligibility for inflation compensation. For example, a couple can receive up to 200 euros, either 100 euros each or only 100 euros if only one of the spouses meets the income requirements (see below). In total, 38 million French will benefit from the 100 euro inflation control.

But who gets hit? To determine whether you are eligible for the inflation surcharge, the government has set a ceiling: so be concerned French people earning less than 2,000 euros net per month – before application of the withholding tax – regardless of their status and profession† To determine the reference salary, the management has opted for the month of October 2021. Would you like to know more about the 100 euro bonus? answers all your questions. Consult our special file now:

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