our opinion on the 180 hp petrol version

For its return to the large touring car segment, Citroën wanted to keep it simple with its new C5 X : a body that is somewhere between a sedan and an SUV, a fairly short range of engines – just three proposals – and a single eight-speed automatic transmission. The French manufacturer wants to seduce its regular customers (average age 59 years) with a 1.2 three-cylinder petrol engine of 130 hp at the entry level, but also younger families with a 1.6 four-cylinder 180 hp (the subject of our test). and companies with a version 225 plug-in hybrid ch from which they benefit for tax purposes.

Citroën C5 X hybrid and petrol
The Citroën C5 X is a hatchback. It is more practical than a suitcase.

The dusted styling of the C5 X makes us forget the C5, whose career ended in 2017. We’re more or less talking about the same customers, but not the same generation anymore. 4.81 m long, 1.87 m wide and 1.49 m high, the C5 X is a large five-seater model with a fairly slim profile. The 180 hp version tested here is an interesting compromise given the versatility shown. It is relatively light (1,467 kg empty), which promises a lot for good performance, everything in comfort promised as exceptional.

Citroen C5 X 1.6 PureTech 180 price

This PureTech 180 engine starts at €40,500 in the Shine version. But don’t hesitate to upgrade to the next row (Shine Pack), because for just €2,000 more you can enjoy electrically heated front seats, a 360° camera, laminated acoustic glazing and even a hands-free tailgate. (see equipment on page 2). Only one paint, Magnetic Blue, is offered for free. For a metallic or pearl color it costs 720 €, to which is added 350 € to take advantage of a black roof, as on our test model. The unmissable option is the panoramic electric sunroof (€1,300), which floods the cabin with light and makes the journey more pleasant. This version does not escape the fine, but in reasonable proportions with regard to the price (740 to 898 € depending on the trim level).

The driving

test Citroen C5 X 2022
The smoothness of driving predominates. The comfort is exceptional on board this version equipped with hydraulic stop suspension as standard.

The discovery of the driving position begins with the appreciation of the padded seats, flexible on the surface and firm at the level of their underlayment. They are also large and provide ample support. The promise of comfort on long journeys seems to be delivered from the first moments behind the wheel. The inspection of the dashboard, on the other hand, leaves a less positive impression. The atmosphere lacks spice, and the finish, especially the choice of certain materials, struggles to bring the C5 X into the big road car category. But even if this does not excuse everything, it should be borne in mind that the car is offered at a price that is in the lower range of the category.

It may also be in this regard that the car makes use of lower-end controls, such as the gearbox controls shared with sister C4† On start-up, the feeling of economy continues with the illumination of the instrument panel, which is small and of poor definition. We will console ourselves with the new head-up display, very large (21-inch impression at 4 m in front) and complete, which in terms of information is even better than many others. Too bad it disappears when wearing polarized sunglasses.

Citroën C5 X petrol 180 hp
Comfort is essential aboard this road car, leaving you wanting to cut the road.
Citroen C5 X price
The Citroën C5 X adopts a hybrid style, which combines a sedan and an SUV. She is quite athletic.

The large 12-inch central touchscreen is the most technological edge element. Pleasant to use, fairly responsive and quite easy to understand, it suffered on our test model with an unresponsive GPS. Better to use the Apple CarPlay system or wireless Android Auto, which comes standard with this new infotainment platform. The C5 X also has a voice command that is suitable for natural language and works quite well. It is also equipped with numerous driving aids, combined in a Safety pack in the basic version and including adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function. Note also that the C5 X retains its most common functions (car radio, air conditioning) direct access, sometimes in an exaggerated way like these large vintage wheels on the front of the dashboard.

Available with laminated acoustic glazing (standard on Shine Pack) and well insulated from mechanical noise, the C5 X cuts through the air silently. Only the aerodynamic whistles, also quite well controlled, disturb the tranquility that reigns in the interior. The 1.6 turbo, modest in sound, is very discreet at constant speed. Well planted on its 19-inch wheels, the C5 X also emphasizes road comfort thanks to its active suspension with progressive hydraulic stops that give it flexibility at the start of a bend and then prop it up very gently on its supports. This is a noticeable difference with the plug-in hybrid version that we had taken at the wheel, which gets extra and exclusively controlled damping. This technology is partly intended to compensate for the excess weight caused by the presence of the hybrid system (almost 300 kg).

Citroën C5 X technical data sheet
With 180 hp under the hood, the Citroën C5 X shows considerable performance. It is a grand tourer in the truest sense of the word.

With its four-cylinder engine, the C5 X PureTech 180 offers a certain dynamism and good handling. Only very playful driving can cause the front end to fail. There is no shortage of power – 180 hp is enough for this large but fairly light car – and the automatic gearbox follows with verve. At full load, we’d like it to be a bit more responsive and smoother when shifting, but the car’s overall configuration encourages a more reserved driving style. We then retain the superior comfort and serenity of the road.

On board the Citroën C5 X

Citroen C5 X dashboard
The finish of the Citroën C5 X has some lightness. The style is not the most cheerful, but the whole is functional and pleasant to use.
Citroen C5 X front seats
The front seats benefit from a highly flexible surface treatment and a stiffer underlay for excellent comfort.
Citroen C5 X rear seat
The bench seat comfortably accommodates passengers in the side seats. The center is curvaceous and more limited, but the service tunnel is quite thin.

lemon c5 x head up display
The new head-up display system convinces on board the Citroën C5 X.
Citroen C5 X navigation system
New screen, new multimedia system and correct responsiveness of the 12-inch panel. But the GPS is sometimes too slow.

Citroen C5 X trunk
The trunk of the C5 X benefits from a relatively low loading sill. The volume in five places and under the shelf is 545 l.
trunk Citroën C5 X in station wagon
Once the backrests are folded down, the trunk volume of the Citroën C5 X increases to 1,650 l under the roof.


Given its proportions and shape, the C5 X has no direct competition. Looking at the side of sedans, only one model can oppose it in the Stellantis group to which it belongs: the Peugeot 508, slightly shorter and already a bit dated. On the German side, the Volkswagen Passat is at home, while the large Skoda Superb offers unparalleled space and trunk. Everything else is either much bigger and/or more expensive (DS 9) or exotic (Lexus ES). On the other hand, given the hybrid character of its body, the C5 X offers only one silhouette, while its most direct competitors offer a station wagon variant, often more spacious and dynamic. But it remains the most accessible and comfortable of all.

• Citroën C5 X 1.6 PureTech 180 EAT 8 Shine: €40,500

Peugeot 508 1.6 PureTech 180 Allure: €42.050

Skoda Superb 2.9 TSI 190 hp Sportline: €42,400

Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TSI 190 Lounge DSG7: €46,440

Find the results of the test, the technical data sheet and the equipment on the next page.

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