Philips Series 500 HD9365 kettle test: effectiveness without originality

The HD9365 kettle is part of the Eco-conscious collection (which also includes a toaster and coffee maker), and it shows. If the manufacturer announces a white color, there are indeed small imperfections due to biobased plastics visible on the body of the device. By “biosourced” we mean “made from materials of plant, animal, bacterial or even fungal origin”. In this case, the kettle is made from raw materials such as sunflower oil. With this collection, Philips claims that the CO2 footprint is reduced by 25% compared to the production of comparable products from the petrochemical industry.

However, be careful not to mix everything up. The Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) assesses the terminology and warn consumers† First of all, she would like to point out that “biobased plastics” means that these materials “consisting of polymers of wholly or partly renewable origin† this in no way implies that the resulting products are biodegradable. There may therefore be confusion between the origin and end of life of the manufactured devices. While the Agency encourages and supports the development of these polymers, it also emphasizes the need to better understand their environmental impacts; little known until now.
We therefore invite you to remain vigilant regarding so-called “bio-based” products and to be aware that many manufacturers still resort to greenwashing campaigns (greenwashing in English) to present itself as environmentally responsible without actually being.

That said, back to our kettle. Weighing in at just over 800g, the Philips is easy to handle, even when fully loaded. It also holds 1.7 liters and the water level is visible thanks to a transparent indicator that shows the inside of the tank. The 78cm electrical cable allows freedom of movement at the base, which can be easily installed from a power outlet.

Once filled, the kettle stands on its 360° base. The user must then press the switch to start heating; on the other hand, no possibility to choose the temperature. An LED indicates when the appliance is switched on, which automatically stops when boiling is reached or when the HD9365 is removed from the base.