Pre-orders for the Tesla Roadster are open, but at what price?


Tesla has finally opened reservations for its Roadster, which will be manufactured at the new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. The pre-order amount will likely cause more than one cough!

The new Tesla Roadster will be produced at Giga Texas plant in Austin from 2023. It’s the realization of a dream for some, as Elon Musk simply sees his Roadster as: “the fastest vehicle in the world, with record acceleration, range and performance.”

Pre-orders for the Tesla Roadster are open

Indeed, on paper, although no technical details filter, the announced figures have something to surprise most electroskeptics in terms of sportsmanship. The 0 to 100 km/h would be reached in 2.1 s, the top speed is estimated at 400 km/h, the 400 m standing start would be exceeded in 8.8 s and the torque would be 10,000 Nm. making the Tesla Roadster the equivalent of the most efficient hypercars in the world. In addition, the four-wheel drive architecture carries four adults and the autonomy is announced for 1,000 km.

The problem is that it is not yet known exactly what customers will ultimately have to pay.

In the United States, two deposits are required: $5,000 is due immediately at the time of order and $45,000 is due within 10 days. “Reservations are not valid until we have received the bank transfer”says Tesla.

In France,Tesla’s website accurate: “Roadster reservations require a deposit of €4,000 by credit card and a second payment of €39,000 via bank transfer within 10 days. Reservations are not final until payment by bank transfer has not been received.” In China, pre-orders are also possible after a deposit of 332 000 yuan (48 200 €). Tesla nevertheless states that these deposits will be refunded in full.

Pre-orders for the Tesla Roadster are open

However, the final cost of the Roadster 2 does not appear clearly on the pre-order pages. When Tesla introduced the second-generation Roadster in 2017, a “Founders Edition” could be pre-ordered for $250,000 (about €230,000), but then the entire amount had to be transferred in one go.

The Austin Gigafactory aims to produce 500,000 Model Y per year. During the opening ceremony, Elon Musk said: “that the factory would also build the Cybertruck, the Semi and the Roadster by 2023.” Case follows!

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