prices rise to historically high levels

Last week, the price of a liter of diesel rose by an average of fourteen cents, approaching its historic record.

The silence was short-lived. After falling two weeks ago – the first of the year – fuel prices rose again last week, according to archives of the Ministry of Ecological Transition† Since the beginning of the year, the liter of diesel cost 58 cents and that of SP95 37 cents.

In the past seven days, a liter of diesel has risen on average by 14 cents to 2,165 euros. That of SP95 reached 1,9670 euros, exceeding the two-euro bar, while that of SP98 rose to 2,0620 euros. An increase of three cents and 2.6 cents respectively. These different fuels are thus approaching their historical record, which was reached two weeks ago.

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A topic that has become central to the presidential campaign

The increase is driven by the rise in the prices of raw materials and petroleum products. After a temporary decline in mid-March, the price of Brent rose again, in ten days from 98 dollars to almost 120 dollars a barrel. Which weigh heavily on the prices at the pump. The war in Ukraine and fears of a weakening supply are worrying operators and driving up prices, including for diesel. European diesel market pricesexperience exceptional progress“, IFPEN underlines, this Monday, adding”the difference between the price of diesel and the price of Brent thus reached peaks (+420 $/t on March 24 or 30 ct€/l) well above the traditional thresholds“. This explains the current increases.

The topic has become central to the presidential campaign: from April 1, the consumer will be given a discount to ease the bill. This measure is in addition to the other measures already announced, including the inflation allowance or the scaling up of the kilometer allowance. If re-elected, Emmanuel Macron could move on through a “more intensive device“for people who have to use their vehicle to work, but also for households”whose income is low“, said last week Johannes Castex.

Some candidates call for more: Éric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Mélenchon call for “block pricesfuel, when Marine Le Pen argues for a cut in taxes that raise the final price. In normal times these are – the TICPE, the VAT and the famous “tax on tax» in other words, the VAT on the TICPE – weighs about 50 to 60% of the total price. This share has fallen slightly due to the explosion in raw material prices.

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