Property. Rush on building permits before tightening standards

Traffic jam at the counter urban planning† From April 2021 to March 2022, according to the latest estimates from the Ministry of ecological transition† This is significantly more than before health crisis

And in the first three months of 2022, the number of permits issued (141,900) has been the highest in 15 years.

But this high number is probably a sham. “This strong increase (especially for single-family homes) stems from the exceptional number of applications submitted in December”underlines the ministry.

And it reflects an influx before the entry into force, on January 1, 2022, of stricter environmental standards for new buildings† Known as “RE2020”, this regulation requires new homes to be better insulated against cold and heat and have a moderate impact on the climate. With a surcharge of 7 to 8% at the end of the day.

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Also a consequence of the zero grid artificialization target

“Many investors, first-time buyers, have booked not to enter RE2020”, explains Olivier Salleron, president of the French Construction Federation (FFB). Individual homes and subdivisions face the most significant increase in permits.

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Another provision, which also came into effect on January 1, may also explain the December crowds: the first phase of the zero net artificialization (ZAN) target, which aims to halve the nibbling of natural areas compared to the 2012 period. – 2021.

Individual homes, which require more land than collective homes, are the first thing that matters. So we rushed before it was too late.

Property. Rush on building permits before tightening standards