Rising fuel prices: gas stations threaten to go on strike

By Mohamed Younsi on 04/11/2022 at 22:43

Newsstand360. The National Federation of Owners, Traders and Operators of Gas Stations in Morocco (FNPCGS) has stepped up to protest against rising prices, but above all against the silence of the supervisory authorities and threatens a national strike. Details in this press review from the daily newspaper Al Akhbar.


The unprecedented rise in fuel prices continues to provoke anger and reaction in the various sectors that are somehow related to the energy issue. On Monday, April 11, the National Federation of Owners, Traders and Operators of Gas Stations in Morocco (FNPCGS) issued a press release denouncing the government’s attitude and calling on the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development to take action. The Federation, the main representative of the sector, has indicated that its members are disadvantaged by this increase in fuel prices at the pump.

According to the daily newspaper Al AkhbarReporting the information in its edition of Tuesday, April 12, the FNPCGS calls on the government to engage in a dialogue with its representatives and all professionals, with the aim of taking measures to support this sector.

In this regard, the FNPCGS specifies measures that relate to the provisions of the Hydrocarbon Code. And this with the aim of helping professionals in the sector to overcome the economic situation, without jeopardizing their financial equilibrium. Reducing the cost of hydrocarbons is also on the menu of the dialogue, as these costs have negatively impacted gas stations, the daily report said. Likewise, the weight of the minimum contribution is greatly increased.

Because, explains the FNPCGS, the sharp increase in turnover does not affect the margins, but increases the level of the minimum contribution. Today, adds the daily, the FNPCGS, which intends to seize the Competition Council to ensure the protection of its members and preserve the purchasing power of the citizens, is requesting an exemption from the minimum contribution, the amount of which is is calculated on the basis of sales.

As they make their demands during this situation, industry professionals are calling on governments to open the door to dialogue. And if the door to dialogue remains closed, the FNPCGS underlines, there will be a general national strike.

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