school buses will “continue to run at the beginning of the week” after the opening of the reserve stocks, assures the vice president of Hauts-de-France

Franck Dhersin, vice president of Hauts-de-France in charge of mobility, claims on franceinfo applications in fuel warehouses blocked by strikes, while his region is particularly affected by supply problems.

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While the Hauts-de-France are particularly affected by fuel supply problems, Franck Dhersin, vice president of the region in charge of mobility, transport infrastructure and ports, assures on Saturday, October 8 on franceinfo that “school buses can run at the beginning of the week”. He explains that he “Three days ago the transport companies told us that they could no longer drive from Monday”just like road hauliers and farmers, but “The prefect’s decision to open the state reserve stocks has somewhat unblocked the situation”greetings Franck Dhersin.

franceinfo: What are the concrete consequences in the region of these supply difficulties?

Frank Dhersin: One in two gas stations has no fuel. You have to travel several tens of kilometers and wait almost an hour to try to find the fuel that suits you. Three days ago we were told by all school transporters that they could no longer drive from Monday. Fishermen from the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, France’s main fishing port, told us they would no longer be able to fish. Also road hauliers. The farmers called us to tell us that they were no longer allowed to work on the land from Monday. The prefect’s decision to open the state reserve stocks has somewhat unblocked the situation. School buses will be able to run from the start of the week. We only have three days in view of this opportunity to roll.

Are you asking for other government measures?

It is a private company that is on strike, so the government is not to blame. We still have a problem managing crises in this country. The response is today from the services of the State and the Prefect, but we have lost a lot of time. The negotiation takes place in the company Total, which makes billions of euros in profit. We understand that a certain number of employees at Total are seduced by profit.

The government is now encouraging strikers and businesses to talk. The president of the Hauts-de-France region calls for claims in warehouses blocked by strikes. What do you think ?

I agree with that. We are on an essential part. The entire industry has had to function badly and will be slowed down. The Hauts-de-France region has been the most affected in France, I would like to understand why. We have to think of a claim, at least in Hauts-de-France, so that we can return to a more or less normal situation.