SFR (RED) raises its prices again, this time for 5G and gigabytes

As usual with rate increases that are automatically applied to its mobile customers, SFR (RED) returns the coverage. Three euros extra costs are now justified by a switch to 5G and by an increase in the data envelope included in the packages.

Since 2017, SFR RED customers who think they have subscribed to a fixed-rate subscription regularly see an increase of 2 to 3 euros on their monthly bill. Holders of the operator’s small packages received an email last month informing them about the arrival of 5G in their offer and the increase in their data budget. For a package of 10 € including 60 GB of data in 4G/4G+, count the access to 80 GB in 5G, if available. But the option is not free, as you will be billed 3 euros per month for a few days.

This imposed, but legal increase, which the online operator of Red Square is once again using, is not irreversible: if you use little data, if 5G is not of interest to you or if you want to limit your expenses to the planned budget, then it possible for you to terminate it. l’opt-in is automatic, but thesign out remains possible. “Your new offer will take effect automatically and without obligation within one month, on the date of your next invoice, without any intervention on your part”specifies the operator. “Once the change is in effect, you have four months to decline this offer”he adds, however, pinned down by disgruntled customers.

For those interested in 5G, it should be noted that SFR claims the availability of its network “in nearly 2,000 municipalities in France” on the 3.5 GHz and 2100 MHz frequency bands. For example, the additional costs applied to the €10 plans (€13 with the addition of 5G) allow it to match the prices of competing operators, such as B&You, which also offers 80 GB of data in 5G for € 12.99 . Let’s add that Orange, which still limits its Sosh subscriptions to 4G, confirmed during the presentation of his latest Livebox the upcoming inclusion of 5G in its offerings. Enough to breathe new life into the price war on the market for non-binding formulas.

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