Tax return 2022: the opening date is approaching!

Tax return 2022: the opening date is approaching!

[DECLARATION IMPOT] The reporting period next Thursday. Discover all the deadlines for the tax return 2022.

[Mis à jour le lundi 04 avril 2022 à 15h09] the tax return remains mandatory. She enables the tax authorities to determine the total amount of tax you owe for the tax year, and therefore to know whether you have to pay a balance in the summer of 2022, or even whether your withholding tax has to be adjusted. This year, the reporting period starts on Thursday, April 7, 2022. The deadlines have been confirmed by the tax authorities in its practical brochure† This will come on Thursday 19 May for the 14 million tax households who opt for a paper tax return. Taxpayers who declare online benefit from extra time. The deadline depends on the number of departments: Tuesday 24 May (zone 1, departments 01 to 19), Tuesday 31 May 2022 (zone 2, departments 20 to 54) and Wednesday 8 June 2022 (zone 3, departments 55 to 976). Whatever your situation, find yours now VAT number and password. The first is on your last tax bill. They are essential to connect to the private space on the website

The deadline for filing your tax return, this depends on the chosen deposit method. Anyone who declares their income on the internet will receive an extra period. Since 2019, online declaration is mandatory for all declarants. However, the tax authorities expect that some will still be able to use the paper format (see below). The deadline for sending by post is May 19, 2022, where the postmark is authentic. The terms for declaring income via the internet vary depending on the taxpayer’s residence number:

  • from 01 to 19 and non-residents (zone 1): May 24, 2022, 11:59 PM
  • from 20 to 54 (zone 2): May 31, 2022, 11:59 PM
  • from 55 to 974-976 (zone 3): June 8, 2022, 11:59 PM

Which income must be declared?

Of course, among the income that must be reported in his tax return, there are those that are part of the taxable wageswhich means :

The unemployment benefits or early retirement must also be declared to the tax authorities. In addition to the “treatments and wage“, other categories of income are subject to income tax: pensions and annuitiesincome from securities and capital, capital gains and miscellaneous gains, property incomeincome from non-salaried professions and the remuneration of certain company directors (COUNT and EIRL among other things). to note that not all income must be declared† Those who receive an exemption do not need to be included in the income tax return.

From 2019, online tax returns will be mandatory for all persons whose primary residence has access to the internet. However, the tax authorities show tolerant of taxpayers who believe they cannot file their returns online:

  • those whose main residence is not equipped with internet access;
  • those living in an area where no mobile service is available (“white” area) are exempt from the obligation to declare their income online until 2024;
  • those who do not know how to use the Internet even if they have a connection;
  • those who file their tax return for the first time and have not received a letter from the tax authorities containing their identification details to file their tax return online.

Taxpayers who file their returns on paper and are not bothered by automatic declaration, must return their declaration to the public finance center whose address is indicated, even if they changed their residence in the year of the declared income. They must then indicate their new address on the first page of the 2042K return (or on page 4 of the 2042K CAR).

Just like the online declaration, the “paper” declaration is pre-filled. Here are the steps you need to follow to complete it:

  1. first phase : Check if the information provided is correct. If not, please correct them in the appropriate white boxes.
  2. second step : if you have other income (commercial, liberal, agricultural, land- …), loads (alimony, charitable giving) or tax credits, fill them in. Certain income is the subject of a declaration with the basic declaration no. 2042, in particular:
    • rental investments in pinel : form 2042C
    • property income: form n°2044
    • tax credits and rebates: form 2042-RICIA
    • non-wage income: form 2042-C-PRO
    • capital gains: form 2074
    • income received abroad: form 2047.
  3. Third step : sign your declaration and return it. Where should you send your declaration? To the Public Finance Center whose address is given on page 1 of the form received, before the deadline for submission.

If you do not receive a declaration form, which happens when you declare income for the first time or if you have moved without forwarding your mail, you can download the forms at tax website, or go to your home government finance center to pick them up. Please note that since 2013, you are not required to attach all supporting documents, especially those related to the payment of donations and union dues. However, they must be kept.

The tax return on the internet is completed in advance by the tax authorities with the marital status, the family situation and the wages and allowances that employers and social organizations indicate on it. Who can file a tax return online? Everyone, including 20-25 year olds who previously lived in their parents’ tax household and who declare their income for the first time.

  1. first phase : meeting on the remote declaration service from your computer or launch the application taxes.gouv on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. second step : connect to your private space with your tax number and your password. For those who do not yet have a password, connect to the service using your tax number, your electronic file number and your reference tax income to choose one. Since 2018, it has been possible to connect to its secure area on the tax website thanks to FranceConnect, a device that allows access to the online services of different public authorities with the same identification data: that of the tax website. Security site (, that of the La Poste website or even that of MobileConnect et moi, which allows Orange network customers to identify themselves with their mobile phone. To use FranceConnect to connect to your private space on the tax website, click on the corresponding icon on the private access portal and choose the service with which you want to identify yourself.
  3. Third step : Check that the marital status, address and pre-filled amounts are correct. If not, correct them directly in the boxes. Note that the pre-filled return now shows the amount of tax already withheld at source the previous year
  4. fourth step : fill in the other income, expenses and tax credits or deductions for which you are eligible. Advantage compared to the paper declaration: when you declare the different types of income that you received in the year for which the tax is determined, the service shows the corresponding declaration forms on the screen. Once the online declaration is completed, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent and a confirmation email will be sent. You can correct it as many times as you want until the reporting deadline.

The automatic tax return, for whom?

Since 2020, the traditional tax return is optional for certain taxpayers. Below are the cumulative conditions that users must meet to take advantage of the automatic tax return:

  • have been taxed, the year for which the tax was determined (2021 for the declaration completed in 2022), Only to be completed in advance by the administration for income categories (those who receive income from property or self-employed persons are therefore de facto excluded)
  • No changes other than the next announced in 2021 : a birth, an adoption, the collection of an adult child, the collection of alimony.

Note that the users involved in the automatic tax return must receive a notification no later than one month before the tax return deadline in force in their department, by email or by post for those who continue to declare their income through the “paper” form .

Thanks to simulator made available by the tax authorities. You must be able to enter your entire income, your family situation and your withholding at source in order to estimate whether you will be liable to pay tax in the coming summer.

A young person aged 18 or older must file a declaration in his name in 2022 if:

  • He is not connected to his parents’ tax household
  • He worked in 2021.

Since 2015, the online declarations of first declarants have been completed in advance. How to declare? On the Internet for 20-25 year olds who have received a letter from the tax authorities stating that they can make use of this option, or by returning the signed and completed form No. 2042 to the public finance department of their place of residence.

The download link to obtain the declaration 2042 for income received in 2020 for free (deer 10330*25) is available. He is can be downloaded for free in PDF by clicking hereAn explanation is also at your disposal to help you complete your tax form.