the 10 most anticipated novelties in 2023!

Watch out, the year 2023 is coming very rich in novelties. And there will be something for everyone: compact, SUV, electric, thermal, premium or affordable… To best prepare for next year’s arrival, and with the Paris Motor Show fast approaching, here’s our selection of 10 novelties that will mark 2023. To simplify everything, we’ve excluded the models that get one from our list simple restyling. But the latter will also be numerous and important: Peugeot 208 and 2008, Renault Clio, etc.

Dacia Duster: the accessible adventurer steps up his game

Launched in 2017, the Dacia Duster II will early retirement end of next year. Because of bad results? On the contrary, the highly accessible compact SUV is undoubtedly the star of the brand, with more than satisfactory sales. But Dacia has ambition, and that last one goes through a Duster that goes somewhat luxurious.

To begin with, it leaves the antediluvian platform evolved from the Clio 2. The third generation of the Dacia Duster will inherit the technical basis of the current Clio (CMF-B). On the key, from lots of additional technological equipment, including the adaptive controller. But there is no question of sky-high prices, especially thanks to an interior inspired by, for example, the recent Jogger.

On the engine side, the Duster III will leave the diesel. In return, he gets theRenault E-Tech Hybrid, with the dog clutch box and about 140 hp. The 4×4 version can also be replaced by a hybrid, with a small rear engine to overcome poor traction situations. Finally, the GPL and 1.2 TCe versions are being renewed and modernised (light hybridization, etc.). Until the end of 2023 for a long-awaited presentation!

Peugeot 3008: you don’t change a winning team

Launched in 2016, the Peugeot 3008 II gave a great kick in the anthill of compact SUVs. Sharp style, impressive interior, chassis with small outings, it largely dominated the competition, especially the Renault Kadjar.

But the Renault empire has recently counterattacked, with the Arkana coupe SUV in iron health, and an Austral looking to erase the Kadjar’s weaknesses. In short, the new 3008 will not be able to rest on its laurels.

He will also adopt a completely new technical platform, designed for the Stellantis Group as a whole. The main advantage: it will get the approval of brand new 100% electric version. With batteries up to 104 kWh in capacity, the Peugeot e-3008 range 700 km WLTP autonomy, and throwing a serious stone in the tired of electric SUVs. The base e-3008 will benefit from a 240 hp engine, with a possible PSE version reaching 400 hp.

The rest of the range will be hybrid, from a PureTech 130 hp micro hybrid no fewer than three plug-in hybrids (180, 225 and 300 hp).

However, on the outside the Peugeot 3008 2023 plays continuity and agreement. The 408 retains the role of the more “stylish” little brother. The new Peugeot 3008 will be pleased to modernize its lighting signature and slightly boost its silhouette. Inside we wait a new evolution of the i-Cockpit architecture. The 3008 should restore the digital i-Toggles of the 308 and 408, this second central display that brings together configurable shortcuts.

Meet at the back to school 2023 ! On the other hand, we will have to wait until 2024 to see the 7-seater version, the 5008.

Citroën C3: an affordable compact, even in electric mode

The Citroen C3 is logically crucial for the manufacturer: it dominates the ranking of its sales. As a result, for this new generation to come, there is no sign of a revolution in the genre. The compact becomes aesthetically modernizedand will gain in personality thanks to more aggressive touches inspired by the recent Oli conceptespecially at the tail lights.

The new C3 will continue Citroën’s strategy of becoming the accessible (but not cheap) brand of Stellantis. Therefore, to reduce costs, it resumes the CMP platform already well embraced by the Opel Corsa or Peugeot 208. Side engines, no revolution either. The diesel will logically disappear, but the petrol will be supplied by a seriously reworked 1.2 Puretech, with the arrival of the 48V micro-hybrid and chain distribution. The power levels will be 80 or 110 hp as desired. Finally, a electric version will be offered, using the technology of the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e, among others. With 136 horsepower, but not a huge range, it will be affordable, with an entrance ticket of around €20,000.

Citroën C3 Aircross: in the footsteps of the sedan

Unsurprisingly, the C3 Aircross will inherit much of the changes made to the C3 sedan. Same goals, same effects: more aggressive functions, evolving mechanics, the advent of electric and a always competitive price, expected around €22,000. It could even land a few months ahead of the sedan, in June 2023.

DS 8: the technological and electrical flagship of a whole group

Don’t be fooled by its name: the DS 8 electric SUV comes into its own the true flag bearer of the brand French premium, and not the large sedan DS 9. An obvious reality when reading the expected technical sheet: 5 m long, 680 hp and more than 650 km of autonomy. The DS 8, which will be based on the new STLA Medium electric platform from the Stellantis group, will take DS into its 100% electric era.

The DS 8 will not be shy there either. The lines will be largely inspired by the sharp concept DS Aero Sports Lounge. The interior, as usual for DS, will be very neat, but will largely be absorbed in on-board technologies.

Renault “Grand Austral”: it attacks the Peugeot 5008

The recently launched Renault Austral is Losange’s answer to the Peugeot 3008. a 7-seater family. It could be called Grand Austral, but also Espace… Like the 5008 compared to the 3008, it will take up most of the compact SUV, with rear seats redesigned to accommodate a third row and more modularity.

Mini Aceman: a small premium and electric SUV.

Announced by the recent concept that bears his name, Mini Aceman becomes the “little brother” of the Mini Countryman. The latter, which will be renewed at the end of 2023, should grow on the basis of the BMW X1 platform. But at just 4.05m in length, the Aceman will usher in a segment for Mini. As a completely new model, it will be able to: slowly getting rid of the codes of the historic Mini sedan, respecting its DNA.

Mainly, the Mini Aceman becomes 100% electric. History, also to counter the recent Smart #1. The mechanics should be inspired by the current electric Minis, 184 hp strong, but with a larger battery (about 50 kWh). Essentially a city dweller, the Mini Aceman won’t be designed to curtail the miles on the highway. Inside, it will herald a new presentation for the brand, in particular with a round screen with the most beautiful effect in the middle.

Audi Q5: a little more softness for the large SUV

Since the electric models at Audi are entitled to a specific designation, no revolution in the range of the future Audi Q5 SUV. Current engines are generally renewed, with both petrol and diesel micro-hybridized, and the plug-in hybrid. Outside, the Q5 will take on the new look of a range that will change significantly in the coming years. Inspired by recent ‘Sphere’ concepts, the front will be softer, less aggressive. The optics are refined and stretched, but the grille remains gigantic.

Volkswagen Tiguan 3 (March 2023): the SUV ups its game

One of the best-selling models in the Volkswagen range, the Tiguan compact SUV will go to the third generation in 2023. But we don’t change a winning recipe, and Volkswagen must carefully evolve its star. Still on the MQB platform (Golf, etc.), the Tiguan 3 won’t change much in its proportions. The style will be more current, with a slightly more cut profile and probably an enlarged light signature at the rear.

Inside, the 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan will be packed with technology, from equipment and screens to driver aids. It will be equipped exclusively with hybrid engines, from 48V micro-hybrid petrols and diesels to a plug-in hybrid that promises approximately 100 km range 100% electric. Until March 2023!

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Volkswagen ID.7: the big 100% electric sedan

Volkswagen stays developing its 100% electric ID range. After the compact ID.3, the SUV ID.4 and ID.5, but before the city car ID.2 here is… TheID.7 ! This is going to be a big electric sedan. It will take over from the Passat, which will not just be renewed. We already know her overall appearance, thanks to the ID.Aero concept. Unsurprisingly, the very soft lines are close to the rest of the family, especially the ID.5.

With almost 5 meters long and more than 600 km of autonomy announced, the ID.7 is clearly targeting the Tesla Model S, with less performance and a more reasonable price on the menu. Production will start at the end of 2023.