the discount at the pump can be up to 18 cents per liter in mainland France

Garage Retailleau pumps, in Saint-Fulgent (Vendée), Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Consumers in mainland France see from 1 . a discount at the pump of a maximum of 18 euro cents per liter of fueler April. The discount promised by the government will vary from 15 to 18 cents per liter of fuel, a difference explained by the amount of VAT applied in the different French territories, we heard from the Ministry of Ecological Transition on Friday, March 25. The implementation of this discount will take effect on Friday 1er April, according to a decree expected on Saturday, it was specified, confirming information from the Parisian

“We wanted the discount at the pump of 15 cents per liter of fuel to apply to everyone. The discount is calculated on the basis of 15 cents excluding tax, which explains why the discounts differ depending on the amount of VAT applied to petroleum products.we explained. “VAT is 20% on the mainland in mainland France, the discount at the pump will be 18 cents per liter including consumer tax. It will be about 17 cents in Corsica where VAT is 13% and 15 cents abroad where there is no VAT on petroleum products.the ministry said.

The price displayed at the pump includes the discount. The distributors will benefit from the discount themselves upstream from Sunday, at the purchasing group level, requiring the system to become fluid when it comes into effect. The reduction takes place “at the level of marketers, all depots and refiners, applying the discount to bulk sales”said the UFIP Energies and Mobility, which brings together professionals in the oil sector.

Three billion euros in credits for this measure

Faced with rising fuel prices and less than a month before the presidential elections, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this discount at the pump in mid-March, from 1er April and for four months. Three billion euros in credits are being spent on this measure, which, after diesel and petrol, has been extended to LPG and LNG.

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The government also announced “exceptional financial aid equivalent to 35 cents per liter of diesel” for fishermen, conducted on March 17 and until the end of July. Dissatisfied with government announcements, construction workers, fishermen, farmers and transporters, accompanied by taxis, had organized themselves early this week filter dams, blockages of oil depots and refineries across France protest against rising fuel prices.

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According to official figures published Monday, the price of road fuel sold at French service stations fell on average below two euros last week, for the first time since the beginning of the year.

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