the Grands Hommes shopping center sold for 24 million euros

The second hypothesis was correct. The Dutch Eurocommercial, listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange and owner since 2012, has sold the shopping center in Bordeaux’s Golden Triangle, between the Cours Clemenceau, the Cours de l’Intendance and the Allées de Tourny.

The allure of Bordeaux

Selectirente announced on Thursday the acquisition of 12 stores and office space leased by Régus on the Grands Hommes market. According to the buyer, the sale of the 3,000 m² amounted to 24.1 million euros. In the spring of 2019, the mall has started its first full renovation since 1991† Total cost of the project: 3 million euros to make the whole “more contemporary and brighter”. The renovation of the glass roof has clearly played into the appeal of the shopping center.

The portfolio of real estate listed on the Paris stock exchange, specializing in local retail properties, is mainly located in intramural Paris. But the company already had a foothold in Bordeaux. It had acquired several other assets in the city center, including in 2019 the historic headquarters of Société Générale cours de l’Intendance, two buildings at 16 and 47 cours Clémenceau and the agency Société Générale, course of the Marne. The company also has an office in charge of prospecting for its investments and for the management of its assets.

“Selectirente’s strategy is to invest in the ten largest French cities. Bordeaux is one of them. We have big ambitions for this city. It’s a really nice place, it’s one of our biggest investments in volume. We don’t intend to leave it there,” said Jérôme Descamps, president of Selectirente Gestion.

” Present “

Thirty years after Queen Elizabeth II’s inauguration with much fanfare, a new page turns to Great Men. Naturally optimistic, even after some difficult years marked by the works and then the yellow vests, the health crisis and now the war in Ukraine, Bruno Tripon sees this change in a good light. “What reassures us is that it was investors who bought, not just financiers, which is good news. We can imagine that they want to work in the long term. †

The merchant of one of the Bordeaux institutions, Le Stylo des Grands Hommes, who has also been elected to the trade committee of the CCI Bordeaux Gironde, should soon meet the new owners. “Our management teams will meet all stakeholders,” promises Jérôme Descamps. “In any case, you have to be present to increase your wealth. †

Stakeholders also include Carrefour who had acquired the entire cellar this summer to implement a new food concept, local and top quality. In the agreement, the 160 year old farmers market in town was closed. The old municipality had decided to withdraw from co-ownership, the new one continued in the same way, confronted with the increase in charges, co-ownership fees and the need for work.