The ideal box for small budgets

The ideal box for small budgets

Difficult to make a choice if you have to switch boxes, especially if you have to check whether the bill is not too high. Univers Freebox offers you a comparison to help you find the ideal box.

What to choose for a correct fixed internet offer without breaking the bank? Operators, sometimes in their own name and sometimes through their low-cost brands, offer entry-level deals to give everyone access to the Internet. Univers Freebox has grouped the 4 main offers of each operator in a reasonable price range and summarized them in a comparative table. Please note, however, that the offers presented are those proposed on 06 May 2022 and are subject to change.

Finally, what offer is made for you? By concentrating on the fiber offer, the Freebox mini 4K seems most complete indeed: it is the only one that is truly triple play without the need for options and offers the highest theoretical maximum speeds. However, if the player is a bit old, it can be used to watch television and access SVOD services directly on your decoder. We can, however, find it a pity that the range becomes more expensive than its competitors after a year.

Indeed, in two years’ time, this will be SFR’s most affordable limited series offer, costing you just €20/month, but only accessible if you qualify for fiber. It’s a pretty good plan then, for the price of a less comprehensive TV package than the Freebox mini 4k and slower speeds.

If you prefer to pay a lower price over the years, you can go to the RED by SFR box. It is second in terms of speed (with the only drawback being a more limited upload) and offers a fairly attractive price, especially if you are on ADSL, all without obligation. However, keep in mind that the cheap brand SFR tends to increase its prices during the subscription. As these practices are generally observed on the mobile phone and can be declined provided they have read the operator’s warning, subscribers opting for this offer should do so consciously.

Sosh, for its part, takes advantage of Orange’s reputation for the quality and stability of its network, but it is not really the most complete offer on the market, nor the cheapest. The same goes for Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Fit, which remains resolutely doubles without even a possible option to access television. Please note that we have not integrated the Orange Livebox as the cost after one year is much too high for comparison with limited budgets.