the new face of the big BMWs

the X7 recalls our fond memories with its mid-career restyling! We almost forgot about this model. No wonder: it is rare on our roads. With a length of 5.15 meters, the X7 is not made for Europe. However, it is still being sold there, with a major update arriving at dealers in August 2022.

We cannot say that the facelift cannot be seen. The X7 changes radically, at least on the front. He is privileged to be the new face of BMW the most luxurious. It thus burns courtesy of the new 7 series, which will be unveiled on April 20. A Citroën-style face (yes!), with a view of two floors. There is a first element in the height, in which the signature of the daylight is incorporated. Then below, the main block, but with dark glass, to make it more discreet.

Restyled BMW X7: the new face of the great BMWs

The X7 already had a large bean grille, which will keep a similar size. Their frame is slightly thicker. Grids can be lit. In the classic version, the new bumper features chrome elements on both sides of the air intake. These decorative elements are accentuated on the M-look version.

The rear changes much less. Those familiar with the model will notice a redesign of the lights, enhancing their 3D appearance, and a revised chrome bar. The X7 is standard on 20 inch rims. As an option we can have 23 inches, a first.

Restyled BMW X7: the new face of the great BMWs

Inside there are big changes. The dashboard has been largely redesigned, especially in the upper section to integrate the new range of curved screens introduced by the i4 and iX. There is a 12.3-inch screen for instrumentation and a 14.9-inch screen for infotainment, the two forming a continuous band, without a cap.

The central vents are thinner, while the side vents are larger. On the central tunnel, the small gear lever has been removed and replaced by a simple selector lever. The X7 offers up to seven seats. Optionally, the middle bench seat can be replaced by two separate chairs.

Restyled BMW X7: the new face of the great BMWs

In the French market, the X7 is announced with two engines, equipped with micro-hybridization. The cutest is the 40d diesel, with a 352 horsepower inline six (compared to 340 horsepower before, thanks to a small power boost with micro-hybridization). On the petrol side we have the powerful M60i with 4.4-liter V8 of 530 hp. Both variants have xDrive four-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The range of driving aids has been refined, with, for example, more effective emergency braking when confronted with pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles at intersections. The X7 also gets an anti-collision warning when exiting the vehicle.

The prices

  • Diesel xDrive40d: from €101,900
  • M60i petrol: from €133,500

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