The world’s narrowest skyscraper opens and impresses New York

‘s postcard Manhattan has continued to develop in recent years. In question, the massive arrival of new “pencil” skyscrapers, which have come to tear themselves from the ground to reach more than 400 meters in height.

After the famous 432 Park Avenue building, which is regularly talked about for the price and appearance of the luxury apartments (as well as because of their wind resistance problems), a newcomer is now talking about him and setting a new record.

Dubbed “Steinway Tower”, the world will soon call it by its address: 111 West 57th Street. Near the intersection with Sixth Avenue, on the edge of Central Park in the heart of New York, a new 435-meter skyscraper has just been built. Soon the first residents will settle there.

The project lasted seven years and is already in the press today. According to an article published by The seasit is the narrowest skyscraper in the world.

Skyscraper New York narrow

© The Dronalist

“Never seen”

“As New Yorkers, we are incredibly proud to add a new icon to our skyline”the architectural firm behind the project, SHoP Architects, told the American trade journal. “We had the chance to do something that had never been done before”confided director Gregg Pasquarelli.

The other peculiarity lies in the reduction in width per level, on the upper floors, and the incredible view (both of Central Park and Lower Manhattan), which will benefit the accommodation on the top floor. It is rumored that the price could reach $100 million.

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Terraces are provided on each landing where the skyscraper narrows. To achieve such a size, the tower would use the strongest concrete in the world, in large quantities (37 million liters). Technically, the tower has a height-to-length ratio of 24:1, enough to give it the world record for its narrowness.

To better appreciate the exceptional shape, the YouTube channel “The Dronalist” happily followed the progress of the work over the years. His latest video shows a good overview of the tower that is almost finished today.

In addition to the world record, the tower, also known as “Steinway”, is the third tallest in New York and the fourth tallest in the United States. To give you an idea: the Empire State Building, figure of the city, is only 381 meters high.

This difference in size is noticeable in the images taken with the drone. The icons of yesteryear have nothing to do with the size of new buildings.

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