these human qualities under scrutiny by recruiters since the Covid crisis

During the pandemic, employees had to help each other, adapt, and be versatile. These are the qualities that more and more recruiters are looking for, according to a survey published on Friday, April 8.

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A return to human values ​​in recruitment. This is apparent from the research of two associations Section 1 and Mosaic HR, who do a lot to help companies recruit more widely, to integrate different profiles. According to this survey, nearly 40% of recruiters believe the health crisis has highlighted the importance of certain qualities that employees should develop in a company. Behavioral, human qualities, a “know-how”, a set of skills that are increasingly referred to as soft skills, “soft skills”.

Thus, qualities they are increasingly looking for when recruiting new hires and taking these skills into account can drive companies to expand their recruiting pool. Three quarters of recruiters believe that if they pay more attention to these qualities in candidates, and if they suddenly place less importance on technical skills, they will be able to bring more diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity to their company.

These human qualities are not always easy to find on a resume. And that’s the whole problem: it’s less easy to prove your ability to work in a team, to help others, to communicate effectively than it is to show that you have some professional know-how. In this survey, 21% of recruiters want tools to identify and assess behavioral skills. They are also 30% to ask for more importance to be given to them in the education of young people. Employees are broadly in favor of taking better account of these human qualities at work: 72% of them say this would have a positive impact on their professional career.

Tools exist to better map these skills, the association Article 1, at the origin of this research, offers a platform, Jobready, intended for young people. It enables them to identify, develop and promote their transversal skills in the labor market.

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