this new hybrid SUV could be launched in France

Honda recently unveiled to us the new generation Civic, but with it, SUVs would soon be forgotten: in Europe, two new models are planned in the near future: an electric one, and this new vehicle based on the Civic, which does not yet have a name … with us.

We warn you from the start, you will have to persevere in the coming months to understand the organization of the ranges at Honda. If you’ve been following the news recently, you know that the Japanese brand’s schedule is especially busy in Europe. With the 11th generation Civic, Honda plans to launch an electric SUV (the final name of which is still unknown in our regions) and a another SUV, completely new and placed between the HR-V and the CR-V. This model was very recently confirmed at an important conference for the European subsidiary, which is visibly running at full capacity. But a package still very “SUVized”!

The new hybrid SUV is… the HR-V in the US

Back to our sheep: in Europe we had the revamp of the HR-V and the arrival of the new Civic. It remains up to Honda to launch the electric version of the HR-V, the future CR-V and this famous third SUV that we knew nothing about… until today.

Honda unveils in the United States the new generation HR-V, which is very different from ‘our’ HR-V: more muscular, larger and with a specific design. Guess what? This American HR-V is actually our European mystery shopper! In summary, here is the Honda range in France by the end of 2023:

A hybrid SUV based on the Honda Civic

This new model is a C-segment SUV based on the Civic. It also takes up certain lines, at the back and at the height of the profile. A kind of high-legged Civic with a rather specific grille. Unfortunately, Honda doesn’t provide images of the interior, but we’re willing to bet that it will come very close to that of the very last Civic.

A comparison that must also be made on the mechanics side: this SUV should take over the sedan’s 184 hp hybrid engine, which mainly consists of a naturally aspirated 2.0 and an electric motor.

An enigma, however: if this newcomer is indeed in the C-segment, what about the internal rivalry with the new CR-V? The two won’t have the same looks, of course, but whether it’s size or power, they’ll be very logically in the same segment. So to see how Honda will manage to let these two cars coexist.

published on 04/06/2022 Updated 04/06/2022

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