tools help you find stations near you

published on Saturday, October 08, 2022 at 4:00 PM

In times of concern about fuel shortages, online tools make it possible to find out about station availability in real time, BFMTV reports, Saturday, October 8.

All over France, motorists are having trouble refueling. According to Olivier Véran, government spokesperson interviewed by RMC and BFMTV on Friday, October 7, “the situation is unequal”.

“There are 15% of the stations in our country that are struggling to supply all fuels. In general, there is a fuel, often diesel, that partially runs out during the day”, he admits. But according to him “there is no global shortage”.

However, the situation is of concern to motorists, according to data collected by some traffic applications, according to which: “significant spike in gas station visits” was observed, said Jérôme Marty, country manager at Waze France. Sometimes to cause stockouts. A phenomenon that can be explained by a strike movement that started a few days ago in the refineries of TotalEnergies, but also by the discount at the pump of 20 euro cents recently set up by the same oil group.

Maps and mobile apps for real-time information

To predict that the pump is full and not in front of an empty pump, there are solutions. Interactive maps make it possible to monitor fuel availability in real time. This is particularly the case for a card made available by the government on prix-carburants.gouv or on the site TotalEnergies also has its tool on its website

But websites are not the only tools available to users. Several mobile applications such as Waze provide information about the fuel level still available in stations thanks to regular updates. “Users can share updates on fuel availability and prices in their area to help others find supplies and avoid unnecessary trips and queues to out-of-stock gas stations.”, Jérôme Marty explains to BFMTV. In addition to Waze and its 17 million users, the applications Gasoil Now, Gaspal or Essence and Co may be other options.