toulon. Her energy bill explodes, Marie denounces a scam like many customers

The young woman, based in Toulouse, decided to cancel her subscription to Mint Energie.  In a few months, his account increased by almost 400%.
The young woman, based in Toulouse, decided to cancel her subscription to Mint Energie. In a few months, his account increased by almost 400%. (©Maxence DOURLEN / News Toulouse)

A salty nut… and no more news! For a few days now, Marie d’Athis, a resident of Toulouse, do not take off. In question, a energy bill (electricity + gas) which has literally exploded in recent months: almost 400% increase since June 2021!

“Our belief was to have green energy,” explains the young woman, tempted by the supplier’s price list Coin Energy (formerly Budget Telecom). Until now, everything went well for the 30-year-old and her husband, settled in a house of about 100 m2 northeast of the city.

A first significant increase in October 2021 (+ € 57 per month) and a second in April 2022 (+ € 251 per month) undermined the good impression left by the company with headquarters in Montpellier (Hérault).

“They were the most competitive on price. They brought these things up. We were very confident…”

Mary of AthisMint Energy customer

From now on, Marie demands answers… which she doesn’t get.

“I don’t want other people to be scammed! †

Challenged by these successive and significant increases, the Toulousaine has tried on many occasions to join Mint Energie. Mail, telephone, Messenger… The answers take a long time – when they come – and are usually unsatisfactory, like the ones from last October.

“We noticed an underestimation of your annual electricity consumption. Enedis has indeed sent us an update of your annual consumption estimated at 8430 kWh”, we explain to him by e-mail. A version disputed by the young woman, invoice in support. “Enedis never came and we only use 125 kW per month on average,” continues Marie, whose house is not heated by electricity.

What she labels as a “scam” continued into April 2022. New email in sight with the conflict in Ukraine in the background.

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“Although Mint Energie is supplied 100% with green and French energy, our purchase price is determined by the European wholesale market: when gas and electricity prices rise in the market, this applies to all sources of energy production, including renewable ones. This is leading the major energy suppliers, including Mint Energie, to change their rates. †

Coin Energy

Since this post, the young woman who believes that “her household does not consume more than the average” has not had the slightest reaction.

No more contact

After a few failed phone calls, the Toulousaine worries about missing the slightest ringer when she tries to get to the company. Also requested by the editors from News ToulouseMint Energie simply remains unreachable.

An observation shared by many customers, as evidenced by the latest comments posted on the site trust pilot† Jean-Pierre Dutruge, who lives in Fleurance in the Gers, confirms the 1930s version: “We are not very satisfied, prices are rising sharply… and every three months! We had emails, but they’ve been out of reach for a while! †

Like Marie d’Athis, who is reluctant to initiate legal proceedings, de Gersois has decided to change supplier as soon as possible. Awaiting news from a supplier with absent subscribers…

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