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It was only a matter of time: Just like in 2021 in the US, Tesla is stepping off the radar on its vehicles destined for the European market. Small catch though: there will be some restrictions at the beginning.

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What has been deployed in North America for about a year is finally coming to Europe: Tesla Vision. In a press release from the manufacturer it is announced that the electric cars produced in Europe and the Middle East after April 2022 will no longer have radar. They will therefore be forced to use only the cameras for all driver assistance functions.

The radar is over: is it good or bad news?

To this day almost a year ago, we told you about the absence of speed cameras coming to Tesla, which quickly became a reality in the United States and Canada. Used since May 2021Tesla Vision seems to have proven itself on the other side of the Atlantic and is now arriving on the Old Continent.

If the restrictions of the beginning no longer exist in the US, it will be necessary in Europe to expect a small change compared to Tesla vehicles equipped with radar, at least during the first months. According to the manufacturer, this is the news Tesla Model 3 and Model Y will have less than the old:

“During this transition, vehicles equipped with Tesla Vision may temporarily come with limited or inactive features, including”:

  • l’Direction help is limited to a speed of 130 km/h and a greater minimum following distance.
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If the speed limit were not an issue in France, it could turn out to be disabled in Germany, where cruising speed can be much higher on certain sections of the motorway. As a reminder, on a Tesla equipped with a radar, the speed limit is in automatic pilot (direction indication) is 150 km/h.

As for the following distance, it is now between 1 and 7 (from smallest to largest following distance), depending on driver preference. As we could write at the beginning, eventually it will not be limited to 1.

Tesla makes it clear that this is all only temporary:

“Over the coming weeks, these features will be restored through a series of over-the-air software updates. Other current Autopilot and Tesla Fully Self-Driving Capability features are available on delivery, depending on the configuration ordered. †

In the US, it took the manufacturer a month to validate Tesla Vision’s operation and lift these restrictions. We’ll see how long it lasts in Europe, but it’s very likely that by the end of 2022 there will be no difference in operation between Teslas with and without radar.

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