who can enjoy the new bonus of 1,000 euros for installing a central heating boiler?

An increase of €1,000 in aid to households replacing fossil fuel boilers with renewable energy equipment: this was one of the measures announced by the government in the context of the economic and social resilience plan presented on March 16in response to rising energy prices.

This bonus will be in effect for files submitted from Friday April 15 until the end of 2022, points to a decree published on April 7. In practice, these 1,000 euros reinforce the MaPrimeRénov’ support, which already exists for this type of work – MaPrimeRénov’ is the main state aid that finances energy-saving work for households.

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To request this help, you can visit the websites True† Both owner-occupiers and landlords are concerned.

Eligible Gear

Among the equipment that makes it possible to take advantage of this bonus of 1,000 euros are boilers with automatic feed and manual feed on wood or other biomass (such as straw, sawdust, bark). But also equipment for the production of heating and domestic hot water on thermal solar energy. As well as geothermal heat pumps, which recover heat from the earth or groundwater, and solar heat pumps, ie equipped with solar panels to collect the heat from their surroundings.

Air-to-water heat pumps, which recover calories from the air to heat water for radiators, are also affected.

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However, if this $1,000 bonus is aimed at most households, it is not intended for the wealthiest.

Excluded “pink” households

Do not forget that the amounts of aid provided by MaPrimeRénov’ vary according to four income categories, ranging from very modest, for an income of no more than 15,262 euros per year for a single person in the region and 21,123 euros in Ile-de- France-France, in the highest category, for households with an income above 35,894 euros in the regions and 38,184 euros in Ile-de-France.

The extra support of 1,000 euros is intended for the first three income brackets, represented in the MaPrimeRénov’ system by three colors: yellow, blue and purple. The bonus therefore stops at average-income households – up to 29,148 euros for a single person in the region and 38,184 euros in Ile-de-France (for a single person).

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