Why the departure of Sophie de Closets over Sarkozy . goes

EDITION – A departure and questions. Hachette Livre announced on Thursday March 24 that publisher Sophie de Closets will be the head of Fayardone of the major houses of the group, the French leader in the sector, owned by Lagardere and over which Editis (Vivendi) wants to take control.

According to a press release fromAxeSophie de Closets, “who wants to enter a new phase of her career” has decided to give up the presidency of Fayard Editions. Quoted in the press release, the editor thanked the group’s employees and the authors of the house “whose trust obliges us”, without going into the reasons for her departure.

Sophie de Closets joined the group in 2004 and has been leading Fayard editions since 2014. One of her successes was to regain the rights for France to books signed by the former President of the United States Barack Obama and the former First Lady Michelle Obama

“How dare you, Madame de Closette?”

But his announced departure as a volunteer is calling, because it comes just after the publication of a newspaper investigation The world this Tuesday, March 22. According to the newspaper, the former head of state Nicolas Sarkozywho joined Lagardère’s board of directors in 2021, put pressure on the now ex-boss of Fayard last spring and even passed “a blow-jaw”.

The reason? The choice of Sophie de Closets to publish the books of journalists from the World Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, Hate. The Sarko Years in 2019 and Apocalypse. The Fillon years in 2020, the former president disapproved. According to The worldNicolas Sarkozy even goes so far as to see in this editorial choice “a conspiracy”, especially since Sophie de Closets Jérôme Lavrilleux, former chief of staff to Jean-François Copé and key figure in the Bygmalion affair, reimbursed the books in question.

“How dare you, Madame de Closette?, was annoyed on the phone Nicolas Sarkozy, voluntarily scratching his name, according to the story of our colleagues Raphaëlle Bacqué and Ariane Chemin. Do you know that Arnaud Lagardère is your boss?” The leader of the Lagardère group is close to the former president of the republic. “For Fayard, I take care of it”, also confirmed the ex-head of state in a speech to Olivier Nora, CEO of Grasset editions which are also part of the Lagardère group, still according to The world

The French publishing community has been in turmoil for several months as a result of the proposed merger between Hachette and Editis, controlled by the Bolloré family, which has raised concerns among many players about preserving competition in the sector.

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